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“The Dangers of Smoking”

Nurul Avisa Ariani

.Cigarettes is one addictive substances if use resulted in dangers of health for yourself or other people.

tar and carbon monoxide. .Cigarettes is product from tembacco wrapped containing nicotine.


. • Cause addiction • Smoking is expensive. • Cigarette smoke new die in ashtray contains three times the trigger cancer in the air.The dangers of smoking • Cigarette smoke contains the more or less 4000 chemicals 200 of them poisonous and 43 other types of cause cancer.

How does smoking affect other people? • Children • Passive smoking of adults .

mouth cancer. among them lung cancer. . • Stroke • Heart disease • Bronchitis • And more. breast cancer..Diseases caused by smoking • Cancer.

Strategy to stop smoking • Planned time to stop smoking • From yourself • Look for support for example from family and friend • Conseling • Sport .