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COMPED Final Exam

Part I

____________ It could rightly be called the first mechanical computing device It was used as far back as 2. and is still used today .C.600 B.1.

__________________ This was invented by weaver 3. .________________in LOOM the early 1800 that uses punched cards to record data.2.

_____________in the early 1600s. The device could add and subtract._____________ The first mechanical calculating machine that was developed by 5. Later Gottfried von Leibnitz developed a calculator that could also multiply and divide. .4.

.6. This machine was proposed by Charles Babbage in ENGINE the 1800s which bears the resemble of today’s computers which is capable of computing and at the same time print results. Jacquered in LOOM the early 1800 that uses punched cards to record data._____________________ This was invented by weaver Joseph This is where modern computer history began.

.7.___________succe ssfully completed his tabulating machine for the Census Bureau in 1890._______________________ The American chapter of computer history began when 8.

ELECTRONIC COMPUTER 9. .__________ is generally credited with building the first electronic computer as lowa State University.

It was completed in 1994 .__________________ Was developed by Howard Aiken with the help of ibm is the first largescale. electromechanical computer. general-purpose.10.

Test II: Give the Meaning (10 PTS) ENIAC EDSAC EDVAC UNIVAC – CPU - .