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Case Studies

Case Study
CFBC Plant at Yeosu City, South Korea
Foster Wheeler AG (Nasdaq: FWLT) announced
on 4th September 2012 that a subsidiary of its
Global Power Group has been awarded a
contract by Yeosu Cogeneration Corporation, a
subsidiary of Hanwha Corporation, for the design
and supply of one CFBC steam generator located
in an industrial complex in Yeosu City, South
Foster Wheeler has received a full notice to
proceed on this contract.
Commercial operation of the new steam
generator is scheduled for first quarter 2015.
Foster Wheeler will design and supply the 60
MWe (gross megawatt electric) CFB steam
generator plus auxiliary equipment and provide
site advisory services for the project.

The CFB steam generator will be designed to

burn coal while meeting all applicable
environmental standards.
In recent years, Foster Wheeler has delivered
5 CFBC units to Hanwha projects.

Case Study
Samcheok CFBC Project, South Korea
Korean Southern Power Company (KOSPO)
has selected FWs most advanced supercritical
CFBs to power its green power project in
Samcheok, Korea.
This impressive greenfield power facility will
ultimately have eight 550 MWe FW ultrasupercritical CFBCs at its centre surrounded
with renewable energy technologies like wind,
solar and hydro power for a total final capacity of
5000 MWe.


Plant Location: Samcheok, South Korea
Customer: KOSPO
Full NTP: July, 2011
Plant Start-Up: June, 2015

Plant Electrical
Output (Gross)/Net

4 x 550 / 4 x 520


Est. Net Plant



Width 39.5m

Unit Steam Flow


437/356 kg/s
3461/2820 kpph

Depth 10.7m

Steam Pressure

257/53 bar g
3728/783 psig

Height 52.0m

Steam Temperature 603/603 C

1117/1117 F

297 C 567 F

International Coals

Foster Wheeler project literature states:

For the Samcheok project, KOSPO selected
CFBC technology over PC technology due to the
CFBCs fuel flexibility, lower combustion
temperature, and elimination of any backend flue
gas desulphurisation equipment for SO2 removal.
The plant will fire imported and domestic coals
with heating values from 4,0006,000 kcal/kg and
cofire biomass attesting to the fuel flexibility of
CFBC technology. The steam data falls into the
ultra-supercritical range (270 bar and 602C)
providing increased efficiencies and reduced fuel
consumption for a given output. Net plant
efficiency is estimated at 42.4% (LHV).

Case Study
600 Megawatt CFBC Demonstrative Unit
Begins Operation in Sichuan
A 600 MWe, supercritical, circulated fluidised
bed combustion (CFBC) unit passed a 168-hour,
continuous, full-load trial operation with zero
defects and was handled over by the contractors
on 14th April 2013 for commercial operation.
The plant is located in Neijiang City in southwest China's Sichuan province.
The 168-hour trial operation started on 7th April
During the trial operation, the average
operational load ratio reached 100.51%.
Protection devices and thermal control
automations were fully in operation.

The CFBC unit is located in the Baima Industrial

Park of Neijiang City. The project is operated by
Sichuan Baima CFB Demonstrative Power
Station Company Limited (Neijiang, Sichuan)
which is a subsidiary of Shenhua Guoneng
Energy Group Corporation Limited (Beijing).
Construction of the project commenced on 31st
December 2009.
A statement noted that the demonstration has
progressed smoothly and has accomplished all
key milestones at once, from steam turbine boxup, energizing of plant service power supply,
boiler water pressure test, boiler ignition, first unit
start-up, first grid connection, to the final 168hour trial operation.
Previous [smaller 300 MWe] demonstration
CFBC plants in the area have burned a wide
range of fuels ranging from wastes to
19th April 2013

Principle Manufacturers of CFBC Plant

and Systems
Companies include:
Foster Wheeler
Alstom Power
Thermax Ltd
Doosan Heavy Industries and
Construction Co ltd
Babcock and Wilcox
DongFang Boiler Company
Qingdao East Power Industry Equipment
Co., Ltd.

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