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Khawaja Azmat Naseebullah Umar Khan



The act of gaining unauthorized access to computer systems for the purpose of stealing and corrupting data.

Who Is A Hacker ? 

By passes the system  Skilled at Computer Programming  Broadcast your material

History Of Hacking 
1960  1970  1980  1986

Types Of Hackers 
Black Hats  White hats  Grey Hats

Types Of Hacking 
Website Hacking  Computer Hacking  Network Hacking

Website Hacking 
Hacking to break into password protected

sections of the website. (Often illegal) 
Hacking so that you can modify or deform

the website.

Website Hacking 
It is Not Uncommon  Webmaster can use encryption to prevent  Some Web Master not use Encryption  Methods Of protection

Computer Hacking 
Accessing Computer Files 

Damaging the Files By Virus

Computer Hacking 
How Do They Target

By Internet ISP (Internet Service Provider) I.P Address

Network Hacking 

What is Network Hacking 

Types Of Network Hacking

Hacker Techniques 
System Hacking  Software Hacking  Foot printing  Gaining Access

Hacker That Create Viruses 
Logic bomb  Worms  Trojan Horses  Inside Job  Rough Access Point  Daniel Of Services  Anarchist , crackers and kiddies

Hacker That Create Viruses 
Script kiddies  Snipping and spoofing

How to Prevent 
Anti Virus  Firewall  Encryptions


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