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Public Victory

Kamryn Underwood
Period 2

Think Win Win

During his first presidential campaign, Obama, the child of a black

Kenyan father and a white American mother, stressed that his mixed- Win-Loose-You always want
to beat somebody.
race status gave him the perspective to understand Americans
differing views on issues related to race and ethnicity. He spent his
Loose-Win-Its easy for
boyhood in Hawaii and Indonesia, and he said his experiences as an
people to get to you and
outsider helped him see the United States as others see it. He
control you.
believed that such a viewpoint could help him repair the nations
Loose-Loose-When two
international reputation, which many people believed was damaged
people want to win but
by the Iraq War.

In 2009, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Committee
honored him for what it called his "extraordinary efforts to
strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between
peoples." Obama became the third sitting U.S. president to win the
award. Theodore Roosevelt won the prize in 1906, and Woodrow
Wilson won it in 1919.

When Obama first took office in 2009, the nation was experiencing an
economic crisis more severe than any since the Great Depression of
the 1930s. Obama continued and expanded economic stimulus
programs begun under President Bush. Backed by Democratic
majorities in both houses of Congress, Obama pushed through major
health care reform legislation and ended the militarys policy that
barred openly gay people from serving in the armed forces. After
Republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives in 2010
and in the Senate in 2014, Obama faced outspoken opposition to
many of his proposals.

Life Attitudes

both end up loosing.

Win-Win-Everyone Wins.

Tumor Twins
Competing-Creating a self-image
relative to others
Comparing-Compare Yourself To Another
Person And You Think They Are Better.
We should Stay Away From The Tumor
Twins Because , These Can Eat Away
Your Inside And Its Impossible To Think
Win Win Whit The Tumor Twins.

Poor Listening styles

Spacing Out-Somebody Is Talking To You But We Ignore Them
Because Our Mind Is Wondering Off In Another Galaxy.
Pretend Listening-We Aren't Paying attention But We Pretend
Like We Are By Saying Ya.Uh-Huh.Cool.
Selective Listening-We Only Pay Attention To The Part Of The
Conversation That Interest Us.
Word Listening-We Only Listen We Dont Pay Attention To The
Body Language.
Self-Centered Listening-We see Everything from Our Own Point
Of View.
Judging-we make judgments in the back of our mind
Advising-we give advise drawn from our own experience.
Probing-you try to dig emotions up before people are ready to
share them.
How Does Seeking
First To Understand
Help Us To Build
Better Relationships
Genuine ListeningListen with Your
Stand In Their Shoes
Practice Mirroring

On March 18, in a Philadelphia speech,

Obama responded to the issue of race in the
campaign, in part inspired by the heated
reaction to his pastors remarks. Obama
spoke of his racial identity and discussed
such issues as white resentment of
affirmative action programs and the
continued legacy of discrimination against
blacks. He asked Americans for their help to
put aside such resentments and to focus
instead on shared goals, such as better
health care and economic and educational

How Does
Synergizing Help Us
To Meet The Public
Diversity Profiles
I Think That Celebrators Profile Is The Most
Important Because they Dont View People
With Disabilities As Different People.

Road Blocks
Their Way-Seek First To Understand
Their Ideas
My Way-Share Your Ideas
BrainStorm-Creat New Ideas Together
Highway-Find The Best Solution
The Roadblocks Stop Us from
synergizing because we are only
arguing and not finding a solution.

Synergize In Action

In a June 2012 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld key provisions of
the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The health insurance
reform law, which had become known as Obamacare, continued to be
the subject of much political debate

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