Spencer·s ² South City Mall Kolkata

Categories available:  Food and grocery including FMCG processed foods ²  Fresh fruits, vegetables & exotic range  Specialty and international foods  Personal Care, cosmetics and fragrances ² On left from entrance.  Home and office essentials  Electricals and Electronics - On Entrance ² TV, Camera, Dish.  Garments, footwear and fashion accessories for men, women and children  Foodcourt / café ² Tea Junction  Mobility products  Music World 20% t0 40% off on clothing sections - Every segment has an offer price Specialty sections:  Delicatessen  Bakery, Choclates  Organic food products ² Cheese  Flury·s Tea room, Rally·s ice cream, Bijoli Grill, Swirrls, Pasteries 

Clothing & Accesories - Scorez, Solemio Prapti, Cottons By Century, Hoffman, Polo Club, Adidas, Hand Morhey, Puma, Addidas- Mix of National, International and a few local brands.  TV Lounge & Electronics - LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Philips, LEXUS, SONY Kelvinator, Carrier, National, Bajaj, USHA, Tata Sky, Gerat for TV channels (Local or Private brand). Cosmetics ² FMCG & Food prod. ² Apart from known brands, Spencer·s Rice, Spices and local daily spices.  Kids section ² lady bird, Lilliput, Puddles, Little Devils Personal Care - Fiama D Wills, Vaseline, Axe, Sunsilk, Lux, Ponds, Pepsodent, Colgate etc. Baby Care ² Huggies, Spencers Soft and othetr Local & Low cost diapers. Spencer·s have smartly mixed own brands along with other national and international brands to promote it·s own range in every segment. 

Electonics ² Gerat Spencer·s Smart Choice Juices, Multi-insect Killer Spencer·s Smart Choice Chinese Noodles, Dishwashers Spencer·s Smart Choice Jams & Marmalade Aunt Betty's Chocolates, Pudding etc. Spencer·s Smart Choice Handwash & Floor Cleaners Spencer·s Smart Choice Multi-purpose Herbal Sanitizer Spencer·s Smart Choice Darjeeling Tea Chestlet Spencer·s Smart Choice Honey & Tomota Ketchup  Clothing - Island Monks, Mark Nicolas, Scorez, Detailz, Asankhya Maroon (Cookware), Livin Smart (Furniture), Collage Studio (Stationery), 360 Degree (Luggage), Gerat (Electronics)  international ² Braverly Hills (Polo), Chad Valley, Lady Bird (Kids Wear) Spencer·s have positioned it·s products in every segment along with other national and international brand, with an price or discount raging from 15% to 40% to give the best value for money. It has positioned it self well to go along with every national & international brands in the same segment with attractive price ranges and discounts. 

We observed that in almost every segment there·s a mark up pricing and then there·s a discount. Own brands and other less known brands enjoys a high price, so not look cheap but a discount is available up to flat 40% and 50% to give value for money. Upto 70 % off on brands for men's clothing. In FMCG and other home items category a offer price or combo price is available, with flat discount on some consumer durables. Basic wear starting from Rs. 169. Upto 60 % off on brands for Footwear, accessories and kids wear with combo packs available in kids section. 

Entry- Electronics and premium segments like cosmetics to give top notch experience. On Exit- grocery & snacks café, food courts, Chefs centre for easy picking, fun session and a fast bite after shopping. All black soft drinks in one section and other soft drinks along with juices in adjacent section.

Tea Junction Swirrls Bakery\Gourmet, Pastries Music World International food range ² Thai, Chinese and Italian Bijoli Grills

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