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Ahmed Nasser Qambar


Zain company
company founded in 1983 in Kuwait asMTCor
Mobile Telecommunications Company, and was
later rebranded to Zain in 2007. Zain has
commercial presence in 8 countries across the
Middle East and North Africa with 44.3 million
active customers as of 31 December 2014. It
employs over 7000 people. The group CEO is
Scott Gegenheimer, who was appointed in
December 2012

Human Resources
Human resources management of the most important departments that exist in the
institutions of the modern era, where this administration is defined as various
individuals working in a particular organization management, which holds many of
the critical tasks that are related to these employees, and various workforce, as it
holds the Resource Management human normally the responsibility of attracting
employees, and choose the most efficient of them, and train them on their job
functions, and their assessment, and reward, and inform them of their rights and
duties, and follow up the implementation of various labor laws, and many of the
tasks and other functions, for this, the human resources her Directorate top priority
in the work of any organization whatever and whenever this is the most efficient
administration, were more able to promote the institution, human Vulkipaouat
today is one of the most important pillars of the renaissance of the institutions and
the different business. Chairs the Human Resources Management usually Director
of Human Resources, where this person is one of the most important people in the
organization, is responsible mainly for the development of strategies and plans of
action regulate this part of the company, as it works every effort to implement the
various targets that have already been put in place. Here are some of the most
.prominent duties and tasks entrusted to the director of human resources

The functions of Human Resources Manager

Take some decisions relating to the organization's work

Overseeing the development and implementation of, and
determine the general plan for the management of human
resources, as well as a number of important and that helps
to develop the structural organization of the Organization
Build teamwork among employees, and the development
of their relations in order to build a good team
Different capacity development and skills for all employees
and all depending on the nature of his work, and fairly and
equally without favor to one of them at the expense of

The main tasks of the Department of Human


It can be classified as major tasks

practiced by today's modern
management of human resources to
The following seven groups, with each
group fall under a number of
Related thereto

:construction of the workforce )1)

A - Strategic Planning for employment. B - polarization.
C - selection and appointment. D - career management.
)2 )career development structure:
A - job design.
B - Intensifying take advantage of the skills of workers: job rotation, job enrichment.
C - replacement plans.
)3 )development of workers:
A - introduction and initial configuration. B - training, both inside and outside the organization.
C - to diversify and develop the skills of workers. D - career development.
)4 )motivate employees:
A - the study of the motives of workers. B - wages and compensation.
C - the incentives and benefits systems. D - discipline and sanctions.
(5 (maintenance of the workforce:
A - security and safety programs. B - health care, medical and psychological
C - personnel services. D - professional consultancy.
(6 (follow the progress of employees:
A - performance evaluation.
B - Follow-up career (transport, promotion, assignment, loan (
(7 (Human Resources Research:
sources Information Systems B - Analysis of the current and future composition o
C - rates of absenteeism and turnover work d - satisfaction and productivity fac

Structure of Human Resources

Basic Company Laws in regards to Human


When the success of the candidate for employment in
the company and pass him personal interviews and
medical examinations, the company offers a job
offer to the candidate in which the parties agree Ay
conditions and employment privileges and sign the
offer, if approved by the representative of the
company and the candidate immediately prior to
work and stating the desired date for direct action
and issued View the work of the two copies is
signed them and the employee keeps a copy and
keep a copy in the company's employee file

:medical examination

The medical examination at the medical body determined by the
Company and the Company shall have medical examinations
for employees costs, and the commitment of all staff analyzes
.and medical examinations approved by the company

At the beginning of direct employee to work the administration

to notify the Human Resources Management in writing that the
employee has started work on it, actually, and the Human
Resources Administration to provide the employment contract
of the employee by discontinuity mentioned in the job offer
and is considered the employment contract is a reference in
the salary and allowances of the employee

Probation & Cancel appointment

If you do not prove the employee validity during the probationary period
stipulated in the contract (90 days), the company may terminate the
employment contract without reward or compensation in accordance
with the Labour Office and workers' system that is to clarify the reasons
for the employee rejected by the direct manager, and provided that they
allow him the opportunity to show the reasons for objecting to the

The company may cancel the contract of employment if the employee does
not commence work within fifteen days from the date specified to work
.directly in the contract without an acceptable excuse from the company

All employees and employees must abide footprint Time & Attendance to
avoid an opponent's ultimatum and if the delay is repeated several
times the morning is take disciplinary action according to the company's
.policy on

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