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The estimated cost of

practicing OSH

1. Radiation Awareness Training

Radiation Awareness Training Course
for all employees who will be working
with sources of ionising radiation to
give the delegate understand the risks
of exposure, effects of ionising
radiation and controls used to restrict
Estimated cost : RM1500 / half day

2. Working at Height

Workers that faces fall hazards,

you're required to provide them with
fall-protection training. Register them
for IHSA's Working at Heights
Fundamentals of Fall Prevention
Estimated cost : RM1000

3. Introduction to "Stop Work Order" and Empowerment

of Correction and Corrective action on sub-standard

3. Introduction to "Stop Work Order" and Empowerment

of Correction and Corrective action on sub-standard

Covers SHE endorsement for any

modification. i.e: fencing of machinery &
safety regulation (FMA regulation 1970)
Stop-work orders may be used, when
appropriate, in any negotiated fixedprice or cost-reimbursement supply,
research and development, or service

4. Internal Audit Refresher Training (OHSAS 18001 &

ISO 14001)

Designed to refresh the skills required to

assess and report on the conformance and
effective implementation of processes.
The goal is to enable participants to
contribute to the continual improvement
of a quality management system based on
the ISO 9001 standard.
Estimated cost : RM2000

5. ISO 14001:2015 & ISO/BS 45001 Familiarization


Introduces you to the new ISO high

level structure for management
system standards
Able to identify the gaps in your
current Environmental Management
System (EMS) and start planning
your transition to the revised
Estimated cost : RM3000

6. Machinery Protection (Modul 4)

protect yourmachineryassets.
These systems quickly detect
abnormalmachineryconditions and
shutdown yourmachineryto avoid
catastrophic failures and further
Example are catridge bearing push
Estimated cost : RM1500 for 30

7. General Area Fencing (Modul 4)

Metal fencing is strong, durable, and
available in many different styles.
need a fence for privacy, security,
decoration, or some combination of
these factors
Estimated cost : RM4000

8. Welding Safety (Modul 4)

Welders are trained in the classroom
or receive on-the-job training through
informal or formal apprenticeships.
Welders completing a certificate
program may start in entry-level jobs
or join an apprenticeship,
Estimated cost : RM5000 - RM15000

9. Indoor Air Quality (Modul 3)

Adjustments and cleaning may be
helpful after testing in restoring the
performance of system.
inspect venting to determine whether
there are problems affecting air quality.
Mold inspection in HVAC coils and ducts
can provide additional information IAQ.
Estimated cost : RM1500

10. Mental Workload (Modul 3)

10. Mental Workload (Modul 3)

Mental workloadcan be
subjectively felt by the individual
who perceives acost while realizing
a task
Notifications can have reduced
interruption cost if delivered at
moments of lower mental workload
during task execution

11. Ventilation (Modul3)

11. Ventilation (Modul3)

Provide a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)
system to protect your workforce from
hazardous dust and fumes,
Ensure it is maintained and regularly tested.
Under COSHH Regulation 9 you must ensure
that LEV system is maintained in efficient
state and working order, in good repair and
clean condition
Estimated cost : RM1000

12. Awareness Training on Health and Safety Related

Regulation (Modul 2)

Purpose of this training is to improved

occupational health and safety for Ontarios
The training fulfills two key recommendations
from the Expert Advisory Panel report: that
there be mandatory basic occupational health
and safety awareness training for workers
and supervisors.
Estimated cost : RM200/person

13. Awareness Training on Emergency Preparedness &

Response (Modul 1)

Provide necessary knowledge, skills, and

resources to address the environmental
health impacts of emergencies and disasters.
Trains to identify problems, hazards, and risks,
plan for team response, select appropriate
equipment and instrumentation, perform
required tasks using environmental health
response protocols, and report and participate
in follow-up activities as instructed.
Estimated cost : RM100/ person

14. Awareness on Incident Investigation & Corrective Action (Modul 1)

Accident investigations are

necessary to identify accident
causation and
Ensure the effective implementation
of corrective actions. Managers and
Supervisors should have the
necessary skills to investigate and
report all occurrences (near misses,
accidents, illnesses)
Estimated cost : RM2000 per day

15. 3 in 1 Team Buidling Program for 1st Aider, Fire Response Team and Chemical Spillage Team

Firms with more than 10 employees must have a written

emergency action plan; smaller companies may communicate
their plans orally.
Top management support and commitment and involvement
of all employees are essential to an effective emergency
action plan.
Employers should review plans with employees when initially
put in place and re-evaluate and amend the plan periodically
whenever the plan itself, or employee responsibilities, change
Emergency procedures including the handling of any toxic
Estimated cost : RM50/person