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i) Please read carefully necessary window while processing for registration
ii) You may follow step by step guide for registration
iii) Before registration scan your documents like photo, provisional
certificate / degree which ever you are sending to council and signature on
plain white paper
iv) Open your email in new window keep open until you dont finished your
v) Dont panic during registration as you may again login with your email id
and password

Step 1
Ask in your college whether your college has submitted list to council of
architecture regarding enrollment number as enrollment number is important
for registration as an architect
Step 2
Open the below mention link
Step 3
i) Go to students enrollment

ii) Click on the enrollment numbers issued in 3rd row

iii) Search Institute / College name which is according state short name for
Maharashtra is MH, Delhi is DL etc. Search accordingly.
iv) Now put your academic year in which you have grant admission
v) Put your name, surname, date of birth and security code same as it is
which has mentioned.


Step 1
i) Go to home which is on the left corner of page

ii) Now scroll down and on left page there is option login here click on it

Step 2
i) Click on the signup

ii) In user type, Apply as applicant,& fill all necessary details like year
admission, date of birth, email id and mobile number

iii) As when you click on year of admission there is option of enrollment

number and even there you may search for it also directly

iv) Follow the same step

3 as mentioned above in
slide & fill all necessary
details please note :
there will be tick option
on your search
enrollment number just
click on your enroll

vi) Click on get OTP

vii) Now open your E-mail address you will receive OTP number in your Email just put in OTP column and also change password of it, by clicking
note : dont panic during the process you may login again in login
here column by putting your email id and password which you have
received in your email
Step 3
i) After all the things done above mentioned you may get screen like this

ii) Click on click here and go further for regestration

iv) Click on fill application

v) After clicking on fill application you may get instruction screen just read
carefully and follow up by clicking on agree and proceed

Step 4
i) Now your main form will open, In some cases you may not seen your name
on the the online form so you may click on screen anywhere and screen will
buffer for some seconds and you will see you name and date of birth on the
online form

ii) Please note also check for COA enrollment no above mentioned in form

iii) Now fill your all necessary details

iv) There is no need for typing again all details once you have type in above,
rest you may click on the tick box
note : if you have office address different you have to type in professional
address column

Step 5
i) If you are sending provisional certificate / degree click on that
ii) Fill year of passing
Step 6
i) Fill 10 + 2 data, select the option and which board you have completed
12th STD name of board column,and also put category you belong
Step 7
i) Now select the type of profession you want there are options like practicing
independently, teacher, partner etc. which ever you like but mostly I will
recommend practice independently

Step 7
i) Scan your photo, signature in plain white paper & provisional / degree
whichever you are sending through registered AD post
ii) Scan in the DPI resolution of 300 later compress in software like Microsoft
picture manager or paint or online compressor
iii) Please note : the photo should be between 4 to 10kb
the signature should be between 2 to 4kb
the provisional / degree should be between 20 to 100kb

Step 8
i) Click on select all document and make sure you should have all these
document which is mentioned on your screen
ii) After all filling up the form click on next

Step 9
i) Check your details Name, DOB etc.
ii) Please note: this the last time which u may edit form once you gone to make
payment option you may not change details so take preview if you find any
changes make changes accordingly.
iii) Click on preview and your filled form open in preview format just save as pdf
and keep for record on pc and as well as take printout of it and below there is
signature column make sure keep your sign as it which you will use for plan
amendments in municipal authority

Step 10
i) Now click on the make payment, the payment mode is online only, so you may
pay online through many option available on it like credit card, debit card, internet
banking etc. mostly international banking and nationalize banking recommended
schedule co-operative bank is less available so be ready with your pins and otp

Step 11
i) Now when you done with online payment you will get receipt of payment by
status success, make pdf and keep in your record as well take printout of it

Step 12
i) Now gather all your documents
a) Form which you have printed
b) Payment receipt
c) Provisional certificate / degree original as well as photo copy
d) All year architecture mark sheet photocopy (including ATKT)
e) 10 + 2 mark sheet photocopy
f) Birth certificate if not leaving certificate photocopy
g) 2 photographs
h) Also put 1 nos blank A/4 size envelop in which address has been interchanged
from council of architecture and at TO your address
i) Council will send you your registration copy and your original provisional
certificate / degree in that envelop.
j) Incase your name/surname is misprinted on result you may have to also send
affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.10 or 100

Step 13
i) Take A/4 size envelop and put your all gathered document inside the envelop
and seal it with proper gumming and cello tape respectively. Write your proper
address and council of architecture address

Step 14
i) The document you have to send through government registered AD post with
acknowledgement the address is mentioned below
Core 6-A, First Floor, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi - 110 003
(Tel: 011-24648415, 011-24654172,
Fax: 011-24647746,
Email:, web: