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Monopoly Market.

Zain Khan.

Amonopolyis a market structure in which there is only one producer/seller for a
product. In other words, the single business is the industry. Entry into such a market is
restricted due to high costs or other impediments, which may beeconomic, social or

-Monopoly firm is the one which has no competitors.

Characteristics of Monopoly

One Huge Firm.

Unique Product.

Except that one firm nobody has knowledge about the product.

Nobody can easily enter the market.

Price Makers.

Professional Sports team.

Graph Analysis

Some of the benefits of monopoly


Economies of Scale. If the firms produces in an industry with very high

fixed costs, consumers can benefit from a large firm which can exploit
economies of scale.

Short run & Long run

For short run monopolist gains a profits


For Long run also monopolist in profit gaining situation

Monopoly Examples

Electricity company.


Satellite Radio industry.

Railroad company.

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