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Language Training Center
Dubai, UAE


At AL ITQAN Language Training Center our commitment to providing top-quality
language education is our highest objective and our enduring obligation.

The center provides platform to learn the most common languages in the world.
Leading the way is the Arabic Language, English for IELTS or TOEFL and Urdu. Even
more importantly, we are experts at providing group, programs and personalized
service to each and every one of our students. In fact, we’re so sure you’ll enjoy
your Bridge language programs that we guarantee through responsible teaching.

AL ITQAN Language Training Center relies to the best and latest international
means to offer to teachers enrolled in cross-speaking specialists in the original
language using the latest educational and technical means to convey the
information in the simplest of ways within the very atmosphere in the comfort and
pleasure and well-being and continuous supervision of the management of the

Action Plan

Establish a training center that specializes in teaching different languages
according to their importance Arabic language, English and other languages.

Willem enrolled perfectly session following skills of reading, writing, speaking
and listening.

The opportunity will be available to all categories of registration at the
center of various institutions and companies.

The focus will be on the basics of languages and shorten the duration of

There will be special offers for the working class of workers to learn Arabic.

The use of modern methods in the education and training of languages.

Instructors Profile

Abdul Qadir Sayed Kareem

Raised and educated in the UAE. completed full memorization of the holy Quran at the age of 10 graduated high school from the Islamic
School for Training and Education – Dubai and Obtained a Diploma in Islamic Finance from Dubai Islamic bank. He started teaching Arabic in
2005 at the age of 15 along side working for the Islamic Foundation for Training and Education in the office of the chairman Mr. Saeed Bin
Ahmed Al Lootah as a secretary of general administration for Dubai Pharmacy College and Dubai Medical university for girls.

He also worked as a full time class teacher at the Islamic School for training and education specializing in teaching the Arabic skills for
illiterate adult Arabs and international non-Arabic speaking students. He helped many international students who desired to continue their
education in the UAE and many employees who desired to work in the UAE and different Arab countries.

Being that he himself is a linguistic with ability to speak, read and write multiple languages he was appointed the director of the language
center which teaches most common languages in the region such as Arabic, English, Urdu, Farsi and French.With the long time experience
gained he managed to design a unique syllabus for learners to achieve their goals to fit in the society by learning Arabic in a very short

Upon completion of the course, majority of students were able to apply the basic Arabic language skills (reading, writing, listening and
speaking) to their daily communication channels and with the ability to communicate in various languages he is able to communicate
comfortably with people of different nationalities in their languages. He has also translated a number of books into different languages
receiving many certificates of participation and awards from government and non-government bodies on several occasions not to mention
his own developed short time Arabic language books for non-¬native speakers.

Under his leadership over the language center he gave many lectures to many employees of different career levels and signed many
contracts with local and international companies to teach their stuff what they saw to be the best and most convenient method for learning
Arabic in a short time saving them time and money.

Contact Information


Instagram: abdulqader8

WhatsApp: +971 50 7656199