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How is the structure of Anatomy from the
scenario ?
• About 26 bones in the human foot provide structural support. They can be
grouped into 3 parts, as follows :
• The tarsal bones (7)
• The metatarsal bones (5)
• The phalanges (14)

• The foot itself can be divided into 3 parts: the hindfoot, the midfoot, and the
forefoot. The hindfoot is composed of 2 of the 7 tarsal bones, the talus, and
the calcaneus; the midfoot contains the rest of the tarsal bones; and the
forefoot contains the metatarsals and the phalanges


. • Extensor digitorum brevis muscle: originates at the calcaneus and divides into three muscle bellies whose tendons insert at the dorsal aponeurosis and the middle phalanges of the second to fourth toes.MUSCLE The muscles of the dorsum of the foot are a group of two muscles which together represent the dorsal foot musculature. • Extensor hallucis brevis muscle: also originates at the calcaneus and inserts at the dorsal aponeurosis and proximal phalanx of the big toe.


Walking the middle Joints located on the foot of the central part collectively referred to midtarsal joint. Walking back a. . Subtalar (talocalcancan) joint 2.JOINT Articulation 1. joint intercuneiform. Talocruraljoint (ankle joint) b. composed and talonavicular joint. cuboideonavicular joint. cuneocuboid joint and joint calcaneocuboid. joint cuneonavicular.


Tarsometatarsal joint b. Joint IntermetatarsaI c. Leg front a.3. Metatarsophalangeal (joint) d. interphalangeal joint .