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What is human rights commissions in India and from where they

get their training? What are the discretions and operation of the
Commission on Human Rights of the state and how they
investigate some complaints? What sort of complaints are not
come under the jurisdiction of the Commission on Human Rights?
If you are not acquainted with, then how you will monitor your
rights against your complaint, especially the Human Rights in
India? Being a regular student of the Graduate Diploma in Human
Rights, I have attempted to give a short explanation of the
strategy guide to file your complaint on the Rights of India. Today,
many NGO for Human Rights in Delhi NCR operating for the
human rights.

Human rights are often violated in India or in the world as well.

Many people may fail to discern between human rights and their
grievances and others are directly go to courts to obtain justice for
their violations. The judiciary in India is pretty much slow and
somewhere as well. Today, many cases remain unattended for many
years. In other cases, a general litigation have to be submitted to
the concerned courts. But not the significant number of people are
aware that a complaint commission is way to simple, effective and
fast way to get your work done or get justice in India. Here by we
are mentioning a strategy guide that how you gonna file your
complaint with the State commissions. Just take an example of the
state of Punjab.
Each and every Indian state has its own working commissions
established under the supervision of state government. It works in
the frequent coordination with the National Commissions of Human
Rights in compliance with the persons right under the restrictions of

In the case of commissions Punjab, its address is in Punjab Human

Right Commission, SCO NO. 20-21 Sector 34A Chandigarh 160034,
India. In the case of the woman, they can approach directly to the
Office of the State Commission for Women, Punjab SCO 57-59 Sector
17-C, Chandigarh. Sometimes NGO working for the human rights,
also working in the area of donation, so one can also contact them
for the Donation for Child Rights in Delhi.

What are the main operations of the State Commissions?

The Punjab State Commission was established under the Protection of

Human Rights Act 1993. It is composed of eligible persons comprised
of: a president is chief judge of the High Court. It has a member who
is or was a judge of the High Court to another member who is or has
been a district judge. Two members appointed from among the
persons having knowledge esteemed knowledge of human rights or
practical experience in the field of human rights. So if you have any
concern then contact the commission or submit your application to
the official website of the state.