MDB 2 .

MDB Main Distribution Board 3 .

Main CB Has 2 types 1 .MCB (Miniature CB) 2 – MCCB (Molded Case CB) 4 .

‫‪MCCB can be fixed – reconfiguration .reset‬‬ ‫)‪MCB can not be fixed (replaced if faulty‬‬ ‫‪Types of protection of MCCB‬‬ ‫‪1 – thermal protection‬‬ ‫‪2 – magnetic protection‬‬ ‫حماية حرارية(( ‪Thermal protection‬‬ ‫‪Protection against overload‬‬ ‫يحتوى هذا المفتاح على قطعة نحاسية بداخله وعندما يمر التيار‬ ‫الكهربى بها تسخن وعندما تسخن تتمدد‬ ‫وعندما يزداد التيار الكهربى تزداد هذه القطعه سخونة وتتمد بمقدار معين‬ ‫حتى تصل الى ريشة القفل فتفصل المفتاح فبذلك تحمى ضد التيار‬ ‫العالى‬ ‫‪5‬‬ .

‫‪Magnetic protection‬‬ ‫‪Protection against Short Circuit‬‬ ‫فى التيارات العالية ‪SC‬‬ ‫يكون المبير المار فى المفتاح عالى جدا فى وقت قصير مما ليعطى‬ ‫فرصة لقطعة النحاس بالتمدد لذلك تم عمل الحماية المغناطيسية‬ ‫فبداخل المفتاح يوجد كور نحاس وعندما يمر به التيار الكهربى العالى‬ ‫ينتج مجال مغناطيسى يحرك القطعة النحاسية فتلمس ريشة القفل‬ ‫فتفصل المفتاح‬ ‫‪6‬‬ .

MTS Manual Transform Switch It switches between two sources for example (Commercial & generator) manually 7 .

Surge Arrestor Connected in parallel with MDB Prtoect against lightening high voltage (reach 10 KV) It take this high voltage and discharge it through earth cable so it protect all electric loads 8 .

A2) It contain coil when this coil move it connect INPUT with OUTPUT 9 .Contactor Electric device it connect electric through two points (A1 .

A1 point connected to neutral cable A2 connected to any phase contactors controlled by Voltage relay through point A1 & A2 When contactor work it has coil inside it this coil move iron core which connect Input with Output 10 .

Voltage relay It is control device that protect MDB against 4 things 1 – over voltage 2 – under voltage 3 – phase sequence 4 – phase drop 11 .

1 So over voltage value = 1.9 So vlaue is 400x0.1 – over voltage When voltage reach a specific value that setup in Voltage relay it control contactor to cut power This value sets as the following Line voltage= 400 v Voltage relay set 1.9= 360V Time is 4 sec So when line volt 360v and continue for 4 Sec contactor switched off 12 .1 X 400 = 440v And time set to 4 sec So when the volt reach 440 v and still for 4 sec contactor switched off 2 – under voltage The same like over voltage but it setup to volt under the normal voltage For example Normal line voltage is 400V Under voltage set to 0.

phase sequence problem When there are conflict in phase sequence voltage relay control contactor to switch off You can fix this problem change any phase by another one and the problem will be solved 4.3.phase drop When the is one phase has drop (not connected) voltage relay control contactor to switch off You can solve it by make bridge with one phase to make it two phase and the problem will be solved 13 .

2 & 3 At normal case Point 1 & 2 normal close Point 2 & 3 normal open There are 4 alarm leds 1 – over voltage led (where there is over voltage alarm) 2 – under voltage led (where there is under voltage alarm) 3 – on & out leds (where there are phase drop & sequence alarms) 14 .Voltage relay has 3 connection points Point 1 .

2 A 15 .86x20=17.86 so the real value is 0.Current transformer Transform current by scale to show the value in the outer screen so you can read AMP value with out using clamb For example There is current transformer that transform current by scale 100/5 = 20 So if the screen show 1 AMP the real value of current is 20 A In case of the shown value is 0.

RCCB Residual Current Circuit breaker Prtoect against earth leakage current RCCBs are the safest device to detect and trip against electrical leakage currents 16 .

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