Mistral Introduction

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Heat/TaskFlow/SWF • Roadmap .Agenda • What's Mistral • Use Cases • Example • Concepts & Architecture • Key Features • Mistral v.s.

What's Workflow? .

What's Mistral?  Mistral is an OpenStack Official Project under 'Big Tent'  Provide a mechanism to define and execute workflows without writing the code .

. ... • Live Migration: on CPU close to 100% run specific migration workflow • Long-Running Business Process • Big Data Analysis & Reporting • ...Use Cases • Cloud Cron: a system administrator can schedule cloud tasks for periodical execution • Cloud Environment Deployment: Specify workflows needed for deploying environments consisting of multiple VMs and applications.

task state and execution monitoring (success.Cloud Cron Mistral acts as a mediator between a user. stop etc. failure.). in progress etc.) and task scheduling . virtual instances and cloud services in a sense that it brings capabilities over them like task management (start.

) • Enterprise application developers: automate business processes consisting of multiple distributed processing steps .Who are Mistral Users? • OpenStack developers: Nova. Solum etc. • Administrators: capabilities like Cloud Cron to schedule periodic helper cloud tasks (statement analysis. backups etc. Heat. Murano.

Example .

Example .

a particular piece of work associated with a task • CronTrigger .indicates an individual running procedure of a workflow workflow .periodicly executed workflow • Execution .consists of tasks (at least one) describing what exact steps should be made during workflow execution • Task .Concepts • Workflow .Task is what a workflow consists of • Action .

Architecture .

SSH… Pluggable actions Task policies and conditions Scalability for executions Ad-hoc actions Dry-run actions coming with more.. Email.Key Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • Restful Web service Cron trigger Synchronous/Asynchronous task Direct/Reverse workflow Nested workflows Workflow validation Built-in actions: core OpenStack service clients integration. HTTP.. .

. • Mistral – workflow-oriented – nested workflow – pluggable actions – execution monitoring & user-defined transition – . ....Mistral & Heat • Heat – application-oriented – application lifecyle management – nested stack – pluggable resources – retry/rollback on failure – .

Mistral & TaskFlow • TaskFlow – Python library that you can use inside your Python app to manage Python workflows • Mistral – out-of-process service that is language-agnostic – cannot execute some arbitrary Python code directly – as an external service it can have distributed task execution. scalability and HA .

Ruby) – only can be used with its SDK • Mistral – a standalone service usable without SDK in any programming language .Mistral & Amazon SWF • Simple Workflow Service – task management infrastructure – designed to be language-oriented (Java.

.... ..Roadmap • Polishing Mistral Dashboard (all needed CRUD operations) • Service managment • Expiration-policies-for-executions • Resource sharing among tenants • Mesos integration(maybe) • .

How to contribute • Launchpad home page – https://launchpad.. Alcatel-Lucent. StackStorm..net/mistral • Code repos – https://github.com/openstack/mistral-extra – https://github.org/wiki/Mistral • Contributors: Huawei.com/openstack/mistral – https://github.openstack. .com/openstack/python-mistralclient • Description on OpenStack Wiki – wiki. Mirantis.

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