Key Values:  Hygiene  Taste  Clarity  Initial Cost  Total Cost of Ownership  Service and Maintenance Key Constraints for consumers  Source of water  Availability of running water  24Hrs Electricity .

Consumer Segments Hygiene taste Urban Elite tier 1 tier 2 high Urban Elite tier 1 high tier 2 tier 3 tier 3 Middle highclass Middle class tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 high Moderate tier 2 tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 Moderate tier 3 Moderate WTP service Running water (Source of water correlated) Priority Values high high high Hygein. clarity. reliable. fast booster. service high Taste. Service high high Hygein. durable multi stage Aquacare purification RO . clarity. durable lower middle claas Taste. reliable. reliable. service high Taste. fast assistance Trust with aquagaurd Y fast total Y RO assistance aquagaurd Y/N Trust. Aquasure reliable. RO storage Y Springfresh Y Y/N high Taste. Service high high high high high Y Y Y/N Y Y Y/N high high Moderate high high Y Y/N Y/N Moderate high high Moderate Product CVPA 24Hrs Electricity Trust with Hygein. Service high lower middle claas tier 1 clarity aquagaurd total RO. Y durable Y/N multi stage Aquasure purification Y/N UV . service multi stage Aquasure purification UV . assistance. clarity. Aquasure affordabilty .

How to Compete Design Delivery Trustworthy water and reliable service . Retailing. maintenance “Healthier water. fast assistance to queries. Tie-ups with real estate developers Scheduled maintenance visits Adding logistical support (calls. high storage Franchisee model Tie-up with sanitary ware players “We do the boiling for you” via TV ads (via personalized selling and at retail touchpoints) .Multiple filtration stages .Regular maintenance. unchanged taste with reliable service • • • • • Affordable. pure water available conveniently without regular tap water and power supply • • • Communication UV technology Direct Selling. requests • • Pure water. Retailing Adding logistical support -“Purity and taste assured” with Aquasure via TV ads . healthier life” “We worry about your maintenance” RO technology Direct Selling (initially).Signing up doctors or community leaders to signal that clear water isn’t pure water Resin.

electricity. water supply 1800 Raisin Direct selling Approach Middle income Urban households (Mass market) Philips India Intelligent water purifier 850012500 UV Partnerships High end Urban Households Kent RO “Innovative healthcare products that purify the water we drink” 1000014500 RO Franchise Model: Direct Marketing High end urban households/ Industrial Use IoN exchange “ Total environmental solution” 18000 RO Retail Watermarts Industrial & High end Residential Communities Bottled Water Pure drinking water outside home 12/ litre Pre-packaged Retail channels Individual customers AquaGuar d Technological leadership 580014500 UV Direct Sales Affluent Urban Households AquaSure Greater Convenience (No electricity and running water) 1600 Raisin Retail Mass market households .Competitive Analysis Proposition Cost (INR) Technolog y Distribution Channel Target Segment HUL (PureIT) ‘Safe as boiled water’ & “without gas.