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Environmental.Impact of Corrosion Corrosion is a major Economic. . and Safety Problem which adversely affects our Nation. as well as many of our military facilities.

usually a metal. because of a reaction with its environment. .What is Corrosion? Corrosion is the deterioration of a material.


Types of Corrosion Cells • Dissimilar Metal Cell • Concentration Cell • Differential Aeration Cell • Stray Current Cell • Stress Cell • New Pipe and Old Pipe Cell • Motion Cell • Combination Cell • Temperature Cell .

installation.Corrosion Can Be Controlled Corrosion Control must be properly addressed during the design. . and subsequent operation of systems adversely affected by the corrosion process.

Corrosion Control Methods • Protective Coatings • Design • Environmental Control • Material Selection • Cathodic Protection .

Protective Coatings • Normally first line of defense against corrosion: provides barrier between a corrosive environment and the structure. • Cathodic Protection often used in conjunction with coatings to protect the holidays or voids in the coating system. . • No coating is perfect and consists of holidays (voids) often resulting from improper application and/or damage.

.Cathodic Protection: An electrical method of mitigating corrosion on metallic structures that are exposed to electrolytes such as soils and waters.

Sacrifical Cathodic Protection Magnesium or Zinc .

Impressed Current CP .

Standards and Laws • NACE International Standards (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) • 40 CFR Part 280 .Transportation of Hazardous Liquids by Pipeline • Individual State Environmental and Safety Laws .Underground Storage Tanks (UST) • 49 CFR Part 192 .Transportation of Natural Gas and other Gas by Pipeline • 49 CFR Part 195 .

Cathodic Protection • MIL-HDBK-1136. Maintenance and Operation of Cathodic Protection Systems (Draft) . Cathodic Protection • MIL-HDBK-1004/10. Cathodic Protection • TM 5-811-7.Military Criteria • ETL 1110-3-474. Electrical Engineering.

) • Guide Specifications (Army) – UFGS 13110A Cathodic Protection System (Sacrificial Anode) – UFGS 13111A Cathodic Protection System (Steel Water Tanks) – UFGS 13112A Cathodic Protection System (Impressed Current) .Military Criteria (Cont.

ETL 1110-3-474 requires CP & Coatings regardless of soil or water resistivity for: • Natural Gas and propane piping • Liquid fuel piping • Oxygen piping • Underground storage tanks (UST) systems • Fire protection piping • Steel water tank interiors • Ductile or cast iron pressurized piping under floor slab • Underground heat distribution & chilled water piping in metallic conduit • Other structures with hazardous products .

or registered Professional Corrosion Engineer. designs.Designer Qualifications • Design must be accomplished by qualified personnel. and acceptance surveys must be by a “Corrosion Expert.” – “Corrosion Expert” is a NACE Certified Corrosion Specialist. . CP Specialist. ETL 1110-3-474 requires the following: – All pre-design surveys. – “Corrosion Expert” must have a minimum of 5 years experience in CP design and experience must be type specific.

Advantages of Adequate Corrosion Control • Extended Coating and Structure Life yielding Cost Savings • Protection of Environment • Improved Public and Employee Safety • Avoidance of costly Litigation resulting from non-adherence to Laws and Regulations .

NM Explosion Upstream View of Rupture Crater .Carlsbad.

killed 2 Teenagers • Oil Company did not maintain CP system and falsified records to OPS • Jury awarded over 300 million dollars to Plaintiff .Lively. TX Explosion • Gas Explosion .

Removed & Leaking UST Tank Wall Completely Penetrated Due to Pitting Corrosion .

Corrosion of Steel H Piling Embedded in Concrete MacDill AFB. Florida .

as well as to human life. . • Cathodic protection is required by many laws and regulations and must be designed by qualified personnel. • Cathodic Protection can effectively control corrosion.Summary • Corrosion is costly and its effects can cause harm to our environment.