Transforming B2B Customer

Engagement at 3M

Aruna Naik

a design strategist and Bert Haldin. electronics and communications industries • The business problem: Challenge in Material science business is.Case Overview • 3M’s Electronics and Energy business: serves electrical. and – To make meaningful technical developments • Solution: Design thinking and tools . a business development manager at 3M constantly struggling – To make their products cost effective – To mange their supply chain more efficiently. how to help customers appreciate the new end used products • Lee Fain.

Design for growth (D4G) process and tools .

Myth about design thinking B2B Space (Customer co-creation) Design Thinking Consumer Products Companies (only) .

Design tools for customers engagement process • Reimagining the sales process • Selling design in the B2B space • Design provocation • The really big show • Finding the right partners and opportunities • Demonstrating design’s value .

Reimagining the sales process • Salesperson is a primary stakeholder who needed help creating a different kind of sales process • Using mobile handled devices would seem less forced. more natural • Customized approach to interact with customers • Portable device helps activating vision .

Selling design in B2B space • What role design could play in a material science company and how it could improve customer relationships is the major challenge • Framework: DOES – Desires: Do what you want to do – Obstacles: What is preventing you from achieving your desires – Effects: what are the side effects of those obstacles – Solution: What could the answers look like from your perspective • Storytelling – Gaylon White (Director of Eastern Chemical Company’s design industry program) coached Lee on using storytelling to communicate message .

Contd… • • • Ethonography – Research methodology brought from the field of anthropology – Focuses on studying people in their natural environment – Uses both observation and in depth interviewing Assumption testing: An effective engagement strategy required creating deliverables appealed to all profiles – Business professionals: technology – Sales professionals: numbers and timings – Technical experts: capabilities of innovation – Designers: enabling aspect of technology Five appealing deliverables to all profiles Inspirational video Appearance model Marketing Designers Educational material sample Technical demonstrator Sales lab folks Educational video Technical experts and sales .

what might our customers do ??? • Ability to cerate something visual to react to such as stories.Design Provocation • If customers wanted to do X with their product and we had Y we our technology. videos or physical mock ups Make the future feel real Much more engaging conversation with customers and wider audience .

Finding the right partners and opportunities • Forward thinking: futuristic yet grounded in today’s technology • Science fiction: Projecting something which is not been tested in lab • Investment should be proportional and weighted based on the opportunity • Choosing the right partners is equally important – Propose new ideas and new solutions .

Demonstrating design’s value • The design approach doesn’t compete with data – It complements it • Design’s value started with uncovering gaps. and then finding opportunities to fill those gaps • If you can see an opportunity and take it! – Creating a new future requires us first to envision in mind’s eye • Quantitative approach by scientists + qualitative approach by designers = technology more humanistic . identifying what was missing.

he finds a home in an organization open to experimentation . Instead.What Lee didn’t do… • He didn’t preach the gospel of design thinking instead. which is especially important in a diversified organization • He refused to waste his time in the wrong culture. he helps people solve problems • He avoided getting cut in wars between functions.

Great advice from great design thinker! Observer Protagonist vs. antagonist complexity/noise Context Frameworks .