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Climate Change

Jessalean Ginther

What is climate change?

Climate Change :long-term change to the earths
weather , temperature, wind pattern, etc. caused by
toxic gases such as CO2 that can affect certain areas or
across the whole earth
The temperature of the earths surface has risen 1.7
degrees Fahrenheit since the 1880

What causes Climate Change?

Heat trapping gas like CO2 causing the earth to warm
It can lead to a rise in sea levels, droughts which can cause
fires, melting of the polar ice cap which can causing flooding
in small villages or towns below sea level

What can climate change cause?

Loss of ice rising of sea levels( 1 foot per decade)
More intense heat waves
It will get warmer
Storms will grow more intense(Cyclones)
Longer droughts
Extinction of most species on earth
Coastal cities under water (India, Vietnam, China)
Collapse of agriculture( higher prices

Things that can happen if we dont

act fast
Ice sheets the Antarctic, the North Pole, Canada, Russia
all their ice will melt and cities blow sea level or near the
coast will be under water
The Permafrost will melt and release 20 to 100 times
more CO2 than the United States burns a year
Diseases will start spreading due to the warm weather
increasing the numbers of mosquitoes, ticks, and then
those diseases they carrier will spread to the livestock,
human, other animals
The oceans food web will get messed up because more

Journalist- Energy and Climate policy
Environmental Scientist
Environmental Engineer
Water Engineer and Scientist
Agricultural and Food Scientist

Ways that we can help

Plugging leaks in your
Taking public transport
Taking less airplane trips
Buy an electric car
Eat less meat
Using solar panels
Cool wash and hang to dry

Plant a tree or garden

Use less electricity

Change your lightbulbs to fluorescent bulbs

Buy local food

Reduce the use of plastic bags

Get involved

Bring emission levels down so that the earth be comes
less sensitive to green house gases
Speak up talk to the government protest use your rights
as citizens its probably going to help the most if we take

My prediction in 2050
I predict if we dont act fast its going to be a hug problem of
course no one really believes in climate change but once
everything happens that when we are going to be to late what is
going to happen no one know all be can do is want and prediction
so my prediction is all the major cities along the coast we have
worked on for years are going to underwater with the fishes
people will be poor we going to fight over food because of the
drought has killed most of the plants it will be like the zombie
apocalypse we will try to survive with the little we got difference
areas will go though difference thing some may be worst than
other. We wont have most animal we have to day. The
temperature on earth will be worst than ever storms will take out
small villages