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Presented By Kasun Sameera Buddhini Samarakkody

What is Plan A ?
CSR Project of Marks & Spenser that aims at meeting social, environmental & ethical challenges faced in their business. And THERE IS NO PLAN B.

Why Plan A qualifies as a project ?
•Is a complex effort built based on 5 main pillars which are, Climate Change, Waste, Sustainable Raw Materials, Fair Partner, Health (A number of mini projects under each of these 5 sub projects, totaling up to 100) •Has a time limitation of 5 years (start – 2007 end - 2012) and a total budget of 200 million sterling pounds. •Each of these sub projects has their own resource limitations.

Project Overview
Objectives : - To be environmentally & socially sustainable in order to deliver long term business value to shareholders. (Making M & S the greenest retailer in the land)   Scope : - Concentrates on 5 main areas,  1. Climate Change 2. Waste 3. Sustainable Raw Materials 4. Fair Partner 5. Health   Duration : - 2007 to 2012 (5 years) Budget : - 200 million sterling pounds Project Director : - Richard Gillies  

Project Overview


Progress to date : - By 2009, 39 of their 100 mini projects have been completed. Partnerships : - Plan A is a complex project and therefore building partnerships is the hart of the project. They have partnered with suppliers, charities and many other organizations.  Eg : - WWF (World Wildlife Fund) – Helps in addressing environmental issues. Oxfam – Helps in encouraging clothing recycling Prostate Cancer Charity – Building awareness on prostrate cancer among people in the UK Wood Land Trust – Christmas card recycling scheme, to plat more trees in the UK.  

Project Team
Plan A Director Richard Gills

Climate Change Clem Constant ine

Waste Clem Constantin e

Sustainable Raw Material Krishan Hundal & Paul Willgoss

Fair Partner Krishan Hundal & Paul Willgoss

Health Paul Willgoss

Summary of the Plan A
• Summary as at 30.06.2009 is as follows
  Total Total Complete Projects d Sub Projects 8 29 10 6 9 18 55.56 Sustainable Raw Materials Fair Partner 20 30.00 21 %

Climate Change Waste


Further, 89 sub projects are On 42.86

Climate Change


Sustainable Raw Material

Fair Partnership


Key Issues Identified
Issue Way out High customer dependency Communicating the benefits to the customers & the progress. Global Recession Cutting down ATL budgets and focusing on BTL

Are customers ready to pay Communicating the benefits ‘Premium Prices’? to the customers & the progress. One man’s Philosophy Competition Proper communication top down & bottom up Communicating the benefits to the customers & the progress. Pending

Savings / Returns are not clear

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