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Mandated by DaimlerChrysler for all

tier 1 suppliers
Strongly recommended by General
Motors and Ford
The Timken Company has been
utilizing Layered Process Audits
since 2004

LPAs Like

Preflight Checklist.

An ongoing system of process checks that

verify proper methods, settings, tools, gages,
operator craftsmanship, error proofing
devices, and other important inputs are in
place in order to achieve optimal results.
Redundant process checks to make sure
everything is right.
Ensure multiple eyes looking at the process to
ensure the key work steps are being
performed properly.

Is Everything Ready for Take-off

Requirements for LPAs

LPAs shall be conducted for high risk

elements at a minimum of once per shift.
Checklist of high risk items can be established using
reference items such as, customer complaints,
warranty issues, PFMEA, etc.

Audit items should be unambiguous and

LPA results should be recorded and
posted and reaction plans for nonconformances found during audit shall be

Requirements for LPAs

Non-conformances should be
corrected immediately.
Audit results shall be summarized and
reviewed by plant leadership (nonconformance database)
Successive levels of plant leadership
shall perform the exact same audit as
the first level auditors and insure that
first level audits are being done.

Requirements for LPAs

LPA items can be added and taken

away. An audit item should not be
deleted, unless the risk is eliminated
and verified.
LPA items should be limited to those
items critical to the process or the
plants objectives. Avoid putting too
many items on the audit.
Continuously improve the audit process
(living document).

20% Scrap Reduction Goal

Multiple layers verifying critical processes

are ready to go. (Rib Angle)
Gives management a reason to be on the
floor. Makes management presence on floor
Ensures problem solving solutions
(corrective actions) stay in place.
Identifies problems upstream, before issue
reaches customer.
Generates continuous improvement

20% Scrap Reduction Goal

Benefits of LPAs

Roadblocks to LPAs

Culture shift in some cases to have

associates do audits each shift and have
management looking over their shoulder.
Too many items on LPA, makes it
impossible task
Can become rubber stamp process.
Managers get busy and dont follow
through on audit, undermining audit

20% Scrap Reduction Goal

Nothing done with the data

Verification of LPA item not clear to
everyone (different interpretation of

20% Scrap Reduction Goal

Roadblocks to LPAs