The Main Printed Circuit Board Inside The PC That Contains and Controls The Components That Are Responsible For Processing Data.

Motherboard Components
BIOS Chip CMOS Battery AGP Expansion Slot

PS/2 Mouse& Ps/2 Keyboard LPT 1 Printer Connector Port USB Port

ATX Power Connector PCI Expansion Slots

CPU Socket 370

DIMM Memory Sockets

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Primary and Secondary IDE Controllers

Floppy Drive Controller

AGP Expansion Slot
(Accelerated Graphics Port) A high-speed port developed by Intel that is designed for the display adapter (video card) only. It provides a direct connection between the card and memory, and only one AGP slot is on the motherboard. AGP uses a 32-bit bus and is generally brown in color.

CMOS Battery
A battery that maintains the time, date, hard disk and other configuration settings in the CMOS memory.

BIOS Basic Input /Output system- The BIOS, or Basic Input/Output System, provides low-level access to the computer's hardware. The BIOS resides on a chip on the motherboard

PCI Expansion Slots
Peripheral Component Interconnect) A peripheral bus commonly used in PCs, Macintoshes and workstations PCI provides "plug and play" capability, automatically configuring the PCI cards at startup PCI runs at 33MHz, supports 32- and 64-bit data paths and bus mastering PCI expansion slots are also identified by their white color.

Primary and Secondary IDE Controller
(Integrated Drive Electronics) A type of hardware interface widely used to connect hard disks, CD-ROMs and tape drives to a PC. Today, two Enhanced IDE (EIDE) sockets are built onto the motherboard, and each socket connects to two devices via a 40pin ribbon cable.

Floppy Disk Drive Controller
A 34 pin adapter on the Motherboard that attaches to the controller.

CPU Socket
A device designed to attach the Central Processing Unit (CPU) to the Motherboard s internal circuitry

ATX Power Connector
A 20 pin connector used to supply power the motherboard components.

PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard Connector
A 6-pin Mini-DIN plug and socket used to connect a keyboard and mouse to a computer.

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