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Major Breakthrough eWON provides truly PPI/MPI to Industrial Ethernet (ISO TCP) conversion for Siemens SIMATIC® PLCs Serial Bus PPI/MPI TCP ISO Ethernet Lan .

eWON Solutions 1. Internet Teleservice 4. Ethernet Gateway 2. Remote Control of Assets . Dial-up Teleservice 3. LAN/Modem Router 5. Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics eWON = eYES Watching Over the Net 6.

Solution #1 : Ethernet Gateway  Designed for S7-200.: eWON 500 . OPC Server or any application software can access PLC directly through Ethernet  No need to install software drivers on the PC  Offers also Modbus TCP & SNMP Interface The real transparent PPI/MPI to Industrial Ethernet Gateway!  Complete alarm notification system  Product ref. S7-300 & S7-400 PLCs  SIMATIC Step7®.

FTP (4 thresholds. : eWON 2001 . alarms notification system  Up to 350 alarms with complete cycle notification via SMS. eMail. deadband and activation delay)  Product ref.Solution #2 : Dial-up Teleservice  PPI/MPI and Ethernet Teleservice solution  Modem + IP Router Modem + MPI/PPI to Industrial Ethernet Gateway + IP Router in 1 box!  Can address several MPI or Ethernet based PLCs remotely  Direct Integration to Step 7: no teleservice software required  No change required in the PLC user program  Integration of services: web pages.

Solution #3 : Internet Teleservice  Designed for all SIMATIC S7 PLC. in PPI/MPI or Ethernet  Allows Teleservice via Internet  Security established through a VPN tunnel  eWON can play the role of a VPN client or VPN server  Complete alarms notification system  Product ref.: eWON 2101 The S7 PLC Teleservice solution through Internet! .

Solution #4 : LAN/Modem Router  Designed for all SIMATIC S7 PLC in Ethernet  COMING SOON: MPI version  IP router between IT LAN and machine/industrial LAN  Teleservice through the IT LAN or remotely using embedded modem  Allows Internet Teleservice eWON 2005 allows you the versatility to connect from remote or from customer’s LAN!  Complete alarms notification system  Product ref.: eWON 2005 .

in PPI/MPI or Ethernet  Over 130.000 points datalogging  Historical Database  Real-time logging  Dead band filter  Text file exports  Data sent by email. : eWON 4001 .Solution #5: Monitoring & Diagnostics  Designed for all SIMATIC S7 PLC. put FTP and put HTTP  Script programming  Web front-end The Teleservice + Remote Monitoring Solution  Additional analog and digital I/O (optional)  Product ref.

Solution #6 : Remote Control of Assets  Designed for all SIMATIC S7 PLC. in PPI/MPI or Ethernet  Same as solution #5  Also supports remote access for maintenance and control  Graphic trend viewing  Local web application with dynamic HTML pages  Product ref. :eWON 4101 The complete assets management solution .

eWON Products Summary .

eWON Software Suite  eWON Configuration  eWON Management Tool: eBuddy  Dynamic HTML Editor: viewON  Dial-up/VPN connection Manager: eCatcher   VPN Server: eSYNC Connect .

eWON Configuration  No external software needed. configuration via standard Web browsers  User Authentication & Access Management  Intuitive User Interface  Event & System Logs  Diagnostic Tools .  eBuddy Free eWON add-on tool to easily:  Set-up eWON IP Address  Upload eWON firmware upgrades  Backup/Restore data & config  For advanced users : everything is available through FTP protocol .eWON Management Tool: Free download www.

Dynamic HTML Editor: viewON To design dynamic HMI pages easily   No Web skills needed ! To provide a pure graphical environment with:   Intuitive menus!  Animations!  Object libraries! When completed. viewON computes the HTML code and uploads into the eWON  .

eWON connectivity tool: Free download  eCatcher Basic tool to connect to your eWON in three modes:  Dial-up mode  Internet Secure VPN mode  Through a VPN server mode  Provides also connectivity .

)  Get more info on: www. no need to know IP address to connect  Solves the problem of private IP addresses and the complexity of IT security systems (Firewall. Proxy.talk2m.For GPRS/EDGE and ADSL connectivity  Internet connectivity tool  Secure connection to your machines worldwide  Using eWON with GPRS/EDGE modem. etc. simple to use as Skype®. ADSL or connected into a remote LAN  Plug & .

MySQL & OpenVPN fully integrated Tool for creating Permanent Connection towards remote networks. leading to Extranets! . including IP Route Tables  eWON & Users DB  PKI Management & Database  Apache.VPN Server: eSYNC Connect  Web-based Software with:  VPN Server  Management of VPN IP Addresses.

eWON Technology  Hardware  General architecture .

12-24 VDC power supply. 8 to 16 MB SDRAM. MySQL. PhP. NAT.Hardware  ARM7 @ 75Mhz. extended temperature range on request (-20 up to +70°C). SMTP. FTP. SNMP. 1xDI(alarms) and 1xDO (failsafe)  Environmental: 0-50°C (80% humidity). NTP. 8 to 16 MB Flash. CE and CSA/UL marking  TCP/IP : HTTP. Dyn DNS. OpenSSL  eSYNC: Apache. DNS  VPN: OpenVPN. OpenVPN .

ISDN. Datalogging FTP Server/Client Configuration Files Ethernet 10/100Mb Tagnames Database Basic Script Datalogging Files Alarms Files System Log AS511 – PPI – MPI PPI or MPI port Transparent conversion . GSM/GPRS/EDGE Modem General architecture PPP TCP/IP HTTP Server/Client Config Web Pages viewON Web Pages Monitoring Page NAT. IP Forwarding eMail FTP put SNMP trap SMS SNMP ModbusTCP Industrial Ethernet (ISOTCP) Alarms Mgt.PSTN. VPN.

eWON Sales Information  Distribution info .

GER and soon SP  Distribution and availability over 20 countries worldwide BE (ACTL) FR (Groupe 2AR) DE (Wachendorff) NL (Raster) UK (MAC Solution) CH (Bachofen) SP (SIDE) PT (InfoControl) IT (EFA Automazione) FI (Klinkmann) AU (Crisp Tech) ZA (Shorrock Automation) SW (CatData) EAU (Syscom) USA (Spectrum Controls) … .Distribution  eWON product line was launched by end 2002  Available languages : EN. FR.

Easy to configure  No additional program needed .Conclusion  eWON talks directly in PPI/MPI and offers straightforward integration  Evolutive Teleservice Solution with Alarms. & Data logging capabilities  Powerful. Internet.

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