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Group Therapy

Group therapy is a kind of psychological therapy that
takes place with a group of people together rather than
with an individual during a one-on-one session.
In psychotherapy group, usually therapists will help
individuals to reduce or solve psychological problems
which bring negative impacts to their daily life.

1. To help clients to identify maladaptive behaviours
2. To solve emotional difficulties through feedback and
those improved ones ability to cope with difficult
3. To provide a supportive surrounding for the clients

1. To help individuals identify maladaptive


Being in a group setting in a therapy environment can

help people identify their own behaviours and
differences better.
As there is room for comparison, you may discover that
you are not perhaps as adaptive as you would like.
help people see themselves and their behaviours more

2. To help with emotional difficulties through

Discussing emotional difficulties with your therapist and
other members of the group will provide you with
extensive feedback.
This feedback could be advice from the therapist or even
practical tips from others in the group who have
experienced a similar problem themselves.
help you learn your own coping methods so you can
handle things if/when problems arise.

3. To offer a supportive
Group therapy is not only an opportunity to receive
feedback and advice, it is also an opportunity to reach
out and support others.
Speaking to people who are going through similar issues
to yourself also helps you to feel less isolated and
therefore more supported.

Who is psychotherapy group for?

Patients/ Clients with:
relationship difficulties
Personality disorders
More specific groups eg: sexually abused women