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PA Preference Inventory


Selection :persons style and motivation to work
candidate suitable for a post
Training and counseling:
1. To enable individual to examine him/herself
2. To determine whether the person would like to
try and change the relative emphasis placed
upon defferent needs and roles

Factor influencing interpretation of profile

1. Age
2. Sex
3. Stage in career
4. Position in company structure
5. Company culture
6. Unusual personal/emotional situation
7. health


Is the person a hard work, ambitious, self starter


Does the person prefer to work on detail? Is long range
planning liked? Is being well organized emphasis


Are judgements made rapidly? Is work carried out at a fast
pace without being forced? Does the person feel vigorious?

Does the person like to play the role of a leader? Is there a
preference for the control of the responsibility for other?
Are decisions felt to come easily

Does the person feel the need to suport
authority and to observe rules and regulations?
Hoe does the person choose between accepting
rules and prefering to be autonomous?
Does the person like others ? Is affection
needed ? Is there preference for being at the
center of attention? I working with group like?
Are feeling expressed easily? Are problema
avoided rather than resolved

Location needs and roles

N = Need to finish a task
G = Role of hard intense work
A = Need to achieve
L = Leadership roles
P = Need to control others
I = Ease in decicsion making (role)
R = Theoritical type(role)
D = Interest in working with detail (roles)
C = Organize Type (role)

F = Need to suport authority
W = Need for rules and supervision
T = Pace (role)
V = Vigorous (role)
X = Need to be notice
S = Social extension (role)
B = Need to belong group
O = Need to closeness and affection

Z = Need to change
E = Emotional restraint ( role)
K = Need to be forceful

L +P(S)F+W

L role, P need
L = leadership, P = power
8 or 9 = strong dominant leader confident in leadership
6 -7 = natural leader, enough desire to be in control and
confident to take control
5 Not actively seeking leadership but will not avoid the
4 Less tendency, desire to seek out leadership, will see
themselves as achieving result
2-3 not wanting to lead or control others
0-1 no interest in leadership or performing the role of a

F need to be supportive
(Faithfulness = kesetiaan)
8 or 9 tends to seek personal identity with an
individual in authority
increasing loyalty to an individual in
4 6 company loyality
0 3 loyality more ones own interest

W need for rules and supervision

8 9 desire for everything to be spelt out . Lack of
6 and 7 requiring the task to be defined. Will
operate with less confident
4 and 5 requiring the problem to be signposted a
little. The parameters defined
0-3 Will work from the objectives, only needs the

A need to achieve ( Ambition)

8and 9 very ambitious
5,6,7, They know what they want to achieve and
are striving (bekerja keras)
0,1,2,3,and 4 Not consciously striving for succes
( tdk bersungguh sungguh bekerja keras untuk

G role of hard intense workwer

8 and 9 hard work as a concept, high emphasis on
hard work
5,6,and 7 work hard but objective
3 and 4 work as hard as the task demand putting
effort into areas of benefit
0,1,and 2 little if any importance placed on hard
work as a concept

N need to finish a task

8 and 9 extreme commitment to one job at a time
6 and 7 preference for handling one job at a time
but can change priorities with a little difficulty
3,4,and 5 sufficient commitment to see through a
task but will happily delegate
0,1 and 2 strong preference for handling many
different jobs, enjoys variety

D interest in working with details

7,8,and 9 high requirement for handling details
enjoys detailed work
4,5,and 6 personal interest in detail
2 and 3 concern for accuracy and completeness
0 and 1 no personal concern for detail, will to
delegate it to other

C organized Type
7,8 and 9 systemtic and methodical ; preferring a
structured approach
5 and 6 concerned for organization with some
3 and 4 flexibility of approach more apparent
though still concerned for organization
0,1 and 2 concern for flexibility rather than
structure- allowing the situation to control the
approach rather than pre planning

T work Pace
7,8 and 9 works in fit and starts may impose
pressure (memaksakan )
4 to 6 handle the pace of their environment
0,1,2 and 3 controls the pace which they work
rather than having in controlled

V physical pace
7,8 and 9 enjoys physical activity including sport
3 to 6 enjoy being on the go when necessary
0 to 2 decreasing level of activity down to
prefering a sitting job

S social extension
5 to 9 increasing level confidence in social
relationships; enjoys social interaction
3 and 4 less confidence in social interaction;
possible lack of confidence
0 to 2 more concern with other things rather
thanpeople, e.g job task

B need belong to groups

6,7,8 and 9 needs to be part of a group
3 to 5 selective in joining groups at work if value
and interest
0 to 2 tendency not to bother with groups, may be
a loner

O need to relate closely to individuals

6 plus increasingly thinking that what another
person thinks is important, sensitive to the need
3, 4 and 5 neither seeking out nor avoiding close
person contact
0 to 2 detached in a one to one relationship more
concerned with functions, less easily influenced,
tends to be objective and analytical

X need for recognition

( Extrovert)
6,7,8,and 9 out going, needs to gain attention
4 and 5 needs a certain level of recognition, does
not want to be overlooked, but will not actively
solicit attention
2 and 3 detached in a one to one relationship more
concerned with functions, less easily influenced,t
end to be objective and analytic becoming shy,
modest, quite, unassuming
0 to 1 tendency to withdraw, shy

Z need to be change
(Zig Zag)
8 and 9 restless, frustrated, actively seeks change ,
6 and 7 enthusiastic for change and will seek it
out, but with a small degree of selectivity
4 and 5 adaptable. Enjoys a certain need for
2 to 3 not willing to change, not readyily
adaptable, will only accept change if reason fully
0 to 1 seeks out stable and unchanging

E - emotiomal control
7,8,and 9 capable of keeping his/her thoughts to
4,5, and 6 enough control to keep emotions back,
able to react and restrains feeling
2 and 3 an open book
0 to 1 very open and expressive reactions to people
and situations will show visibly

K need to be forceful
( Kick)
8 and 9 touchy, reactive, aggressive
6 and 7 express views in fairly forceful, positive
4and 5 neither seeking nor avoiding conflict, will
listen to the views of others but may become
stubborn when defending own view
2 and3 preferences to avoid conflict, will
rationalize the situation and see the other
persons point of view
0 to 1 will deflect conflict. May not even recognize