Why Customers Should Upgrade to 11g?

Oracle Database
Complete. Open. Integrated.

• #1 in Database • 30 Years of Continuous Innovation • Major new release – Database 11g Release 2 • Transformational new product: Exadata V2

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What Are the Benefits of 11g ?
11g Product Capabilities
• “Improved” Performance & Availability • “Total” Manageability • “Enhanced” Security

Cost Savings

• Support savings • 3rd party software • Hardware

Risk Mitigation

• Using Real Application Testing • Advanced Customer Support upgrade services

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So, What’s so Great About 11g?

• Database File System (DBFS) & SecureFiles
• Store large business files (ppt, word docs etc) in the database for fast retrieval and powerful storage, high availability and security

• Editions
• Simultaneously manage new application changes whilst maintaining existing application

Performance & Availability

• XMLDB performance
• Process XML extremely fast; reduce processing times

• DataGuard enhancements
• Automation and Performance: automated failover, log data compression and fast apply on standby

Core Database Benefits

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So, What’s so Great About 11g?
• Advanced Compression
• Lower storage costs by compressing all your data, reduce disk space requirements and improve application performance

Performance & Availability

• Active DataGuard*
• Eliminate idle redundancy in your data centre

• Total Recall
• Long-term storage and auditing of historical data

• RAC One Node
• Failover protection for database and server failures, OS rolling upgrades and patches, database rolling patches

• RAC enhancements
• High availability and scalability from 9i, and now much more flexibility to manage workloads effective; limit CPUs used by certain database instances
* bundled with GoldenGate

Advanced Benefits

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So, What’s so Great About 10g that’s Been Enhanced in 11g?

• Automatic Storage Management
• Simplifies, automates and reduces cost and overhead by providing a unified and integrated solution stack for ALL your file management needs eliminating the need for 3rd party volume managers, file systems and clusterware platforms

• Database Control / Grid Control
• Management console for managing all databases. DB Management easier, quicker, less error-prone

Performance & Availability

• Clusterware
• Automatic application protection (Oracle or 3rd-party) within a cluster

• Automatic Workload Management
• Manage workloads on individual servers or clusters

• Flashback
• Rapid recovery for human error (flashback database, flashback table etc)

• Application Express
• Rapid Application Development tool

Core Database Benefits

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So, What’s so Great About 10g that’s Been Enhanced in 11g?

• Automatic Diagnostics and Tuning
• Pro-active problem analysis

• Advanced Security
• Encrypt data on the wire


• Data Masking
• Mask data from those who should not see it

Advanced Benefits

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Oracle Database 11g vs Oracle Database 10g
Reducing Time and Complexity Even More…
26% less time 31% fewer steps

100% 75% 50% 25% 0% Time
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Oracle9i Database Oracle Database 10g Oracle Database 11g


Oracle Database 11g Offers
Performance & Availability, Manageability, Security

Advanced Security


l tro & n Co tics g rid os in G gn un a T Di

Real Application Clusters Data Guard

Active Data Guard


Data Masking

Total Recall & Flashback Advanced Compression

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11g Release 2 Gives You 8+ Years Support !




Jan 2015

Jan 2018


July 2010

July 2011

July 2013

Sustaining Support

Premier Support Extended Support
July 2007
July 2008

July 2010

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2016 2015

http://www.oracle.com/support/library/brochure/lifetime-support-technology.pdf EMEA ACS Business Development

Risk Mitigation: Real Application Testing
Artificial workloads Partial workflows Months of development Manual intensive High risk Production workloads Complete workflows Days of development Automated Low risk
Traditional Approach

Duration (Days)

149 Days

Real Application Testing

11 Days

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90 10 0 11 0 12 0 13 0 14 0 15 0


10 20

30 40

50 60

70 80


Risk Mitigation
• Advanced Customer Support Upgrade package: Link

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Who Are the Target Customers ?
• Oracle9i* customers as they will gain the most around support benefits, cost savings and improved productivity • 9i „Extended Maintenance Support“ expires July 2010. For missioncritical systems a fully supported system means business continuity. Simply by upgrading to 11g, you get this ! • Upgrading to 11g gets you premier support until Jan 2015 and extended maintenance support until 2018. Worry free for over 8 years ! With 10g R2 EMS runs out in July 2013 • Conclusion: for next 8 years you get:
• • • • • Updates, fixes, security alerts, critical patch updates Tax, Legal & Regulatory Updates Certifications with existing 3rd party products/versions Certification with new Oracle products Enterprise Class Support for your 11g systems
* and pre-Oracle9i customers

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11g Customers
• Metro MGI
• • • • • • • • • • Performance Optimization in 11g Tuning Advisor 400 databases moved from 9i to 11g Story on o.com Move from single instance to RAC with ASM and Data Guard Ensure very good performance Run different Oracle versions in the same RAC environment Minimal downtime patching Presentation at OOW 2009 Story on o.com
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• Bielefeld University

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11g Customers
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• Athens International Airport

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• Project to upgrade technology infrastructure (both hardware and software). Achieve more (performance) with less (TCO) with fast ROI • Upgrade of their Oracle Applications ( to R12) • New features in 11g, Active DG and Adv. Compression • Podcast on o.com

• Espirinet
• RAC more stable with 11g • 11gR1 version support for 4.5 years instead of less than 3 (for 10gR2) • Better SQL optimizer performance with 11gR1 than 10gR2 • 11gR1 OLAP functionality
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11g Customers
• UBI Banca
• Better SQL optimizer performance with 11gR1 than 10gR2
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• Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

• RTL, France

• Managing large object types with SecureFiles • Rapid retrieval speeds, improved system performance, optimized space and hardware usage and extreme scalability • Customer snapshot on o.com, presentation from 11gR2 launch Reference ! • To build future generation digital radio where the database was at the heart of the system • Rock-solid reliability with RAC, no downtime, TAF • Fine-grained data replication with Streams • Easy management of datafiles with ASM • Moved data from old Sybase syste • Reference on o.com
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11g Customers
• Irish Police
• Support expiry • 9i RAC instability • Performance

• Orange Austria
• Support expiry • Move to cheap hardware

• Loyalty & Partner GmbH
• Exadata V1 • Advanced payback card system

• Mercadona
• Disaster recovery with DataGuard across 350km to minimize risk for natural disasters • Start-up of systems within 4 hours • Maximum data loss of 30 minutes
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11g Customers
• Deutsche Messe
• • • • • • 10gR2 to 11g Automatic Tuning Advisor and Performance RAT, ASM, 11g DataGuard 10g system overloaded Support expiry Better performance with 3 yr old h/w

• Credit Suisse, CH
• Real Application Testing

• Ministry of Justice, UK

• Customer snapshot on o.com

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Karen Ambrose Senior DBA Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK

“Oracle’s SecureFiles storage feature makes the Oracle Database 11g a major platform for managing large object data types while providing rapid retrieval speeds, improved system performance, optimized space and hardware usage, and extreme scalability.”

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Mike Prince Chief Technology Officer Burlington Coat Factory, US

“Our Chief Financial Officer likes the Advanced Compression option of Oracle Database 11g because with it we won't need anywhere from a third to two thirds of the disks we have right now.”

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Athens International Airport

With Active Data Guard AIA offloaded their main production systems from reporting to different stakeholders. The reporting information is used to deliver information to state authorities and telco operators.

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Warner Music

10X better XML performance compared to 10g !

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11g Cheatsheet
• 3-pager to hand to customers • Core features & Advanced features (9i, 10g, 11g)

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Why Customers Should Upgrade to 11g ?
Jeremy Tricker UK ACS Delivery Director

Call To Action
• Feedback
• What more would you like ? e.g. content / training etc ? • Complete feedback template/form • Direct feedback to your manager

• Generate interest at customer
• • • • In support review meetings during H2-FY10 In 1-2-1 customer discussions during H2-FY10 Hand customers 11g cheatsheet Point customers to www.oracledatabase11g.com

• Create lead in system
• Position ACS upgrade and related services • Track upgrade • Engage account team where necessary to position 11g benefits

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