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Question 1
My result shows that more
female took part in the
questionnaire than male. In
fact 20 female took part in
the questionnaire and only
12 male were able to do the

My result shows that more 17-24

years old did the survey. About
24 people who were aged 17-24
answered the questionnaire. 7 of
the 11-16 completed the
questionnaire. Only 1 person age
25-35 answered the
questionnaire. However, none of
the 36-50 years old completed
the survey. This shows that my
survey is more youth based.

Question 2

Question 3
My findings shows that about 405 of
my respondents watch music videos
daily. About 10 people said they watch
music video channel 3-5 times a week.
Nobody who completed the survey
watch music video channel once a
week. 1 person answered that they
watch music video channel less than
once a month. 3 people watch music
video channel less than once a week. 5
people who did the survey answer that
they watch music video channel 1 0r 2
times a week.

Question 4
The graph shows that only 2
people watch music videos on Tv
channels e.g. MTV. Majority of
the people who did the survey
stream music videos on other
website e.g. YouTube. 4 people
stream music videos from other
devices such as iPod. Nobody
watch music videos on the
artists own website.

Question 5
From my findings like
people listen to various
types of music genre. But
majority of the participants
listens to RnB. Just a few
people listens to Afrobeats,
Pop and Rock.

Question 6
This graph shows that more
people enjoys music videos
that tell stories and also live
performances. But not many
people enjoy watching
music videos with serious
thoughts/ provoking or that
are comic.

Question 7
My results shows that
majority of the participants
thinks that music videos is
the major success to the
album or the singles of the
artist. Only 1 person said
they dont know. And 7
people said no.

Caroline- AnimBeyonc and Drake and Bruno mars

Sucker for painMichael/ Janet Jackson- ScreamThriller
Chris brown beautiful
Krept and Konan- my story
What do you think are
Beyonc hold
the greatest music
videos of all time
J Cole - She KnowsKanye west - Fade
Turn up the music
Aaliyah- one in a
Beyonc- Formation
Do you mind - Chris brown
Tion Wayne can't go broke
Boys ll men- End of the road

Unique/creative ideas
Some sort of story
Choreography as well as cars, fashion, big mansion etc.
The Artist

Beautiful visuals


Story being told

Cute guys

Cinematic/ panoramic and VFX

What would you like to see in a music video



A lion

A story or theme


Something that relates to the music video

Life young teenagers live today and what we go
through. (Roads and peer pressure, etc.)

Cool editing

Kanye West- Famous

Cxcv half jamo half Ghana

Lady gaga


One with no Gyal

Janet Jackson- That's the way love goes

Stormzy- scary

What is your least favourite music video

Gangnam style

Let her go


White people music

Net videos

Psy- Gangnam style

Rebecca black - Friday