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The Brand Audit is an exhaustive
effort to set down, in black and white,
the intangible cluster of feelings,
impressions, connections, opinions,
flashes of memory, hopes and
satisfactions ... and, yes, criticisms and
disappointments ... which blend
together to form the consumer¶s
perception of the Brand
Source: O&M

Just do it
Great ads
Style and design
Michael Jordan
Source: O&M

D ike is the first brand that comes to my mind

because it is like a loyal friend, always by my

D¶m buying the best shoe there is.´

D feel the power to do anything if  try.´

D feel pushed to reach for the top.´

D can be as good as the pros.´

Source: O&M

D feel invincible.´

D feel like ¶m floating on air.´

D feel like ¶m a serious runner.´

D can go the extra mile.´

DMaybe  could fly.´

Source: O&M

D remember saving hard to buy my first pair of

branded shoes. t was ike because they are the
best.  used to buy cheap shoes.´

D ike was my first pair of serious shoes.  bought

them with my first pay cheque when  worked the
counter crew.  wore that pair of shoes on my first
date too.´

D bought my first pair not too long ago. They were

expensive and imported.  know it¶s a good shoe,
but  also get to show people  have good taste.´
Source: O&M

DMy best friend since childhood has two kids

and weighs 90 pounds. She has the enormous
ability to hit the road, ride the bike, push herself
to unbelievable extremes with seemingly little
effort. Run 10 miles over a big bridge after
doing nothing for three weeks.´

Source: O&M

DShe says, you can do it too.  say  can¶t. But

then  think, ¶m pissed!  will do it.  go to the
ike store and trade up to Air Max ¶s, my 30-
something pair.´

DAnd  hit the road with a goal that day. Don¶t

do your usual 5, do 10. And  did.´

D pushed myself and ike pushed me.´

Source: O&M

A Tracking studies involve information
collected from consumers on a routine basis
over time
A Typically involve quantitative measures
A Difficult to research each marketing action
A Valuable diagnostic insights - customer
mindset, market outcomes
A Brand Awareness and Usage:
What brands of quick-service restaurant chains are you
aware of?
At which brands of quick-service restaurant chains would
you consider eating?
Have you heard of McDonald¶s?
Have you eaten at McDonald¶s?
When  say McDonald¶s, what are the first associations
that come to your mind? Anything else?
A Brand Judgments: (Overall opinion)
What do you like best about McDonald¶s?
To what extent does McDonald¶s offer advantages
that other brands cannot?
A Brand Performance: (ndicate agreement)
s convenient to eat at
Provides quick efficient service
Has high-quality food
s great value for money
A Brand magery: (ndicate agreement)
To what extent do people you admire and respect
eat at McDonald¶s?
To what extent do you feel you grew up with
How well do each of the following words describe
this brand? Down-to-earth, honest, reliable
A BrandFeelings: (ndicate agreement)
A Brand Resonance: (ndicate agreement)
 buy McDonald¶s whenever  can
 would go out of my way to eat at
 really love McDonald¶s
 would really miss McDonald¶s if it went

A Estimating financial value of the brand
A US companies do not list brand equity on
their balance sheets
A Some companies do in UK, Hong Kong,
and Australia
A nfosys does in ndia

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A Brand sales A headership (25%)

A Costs of sales A Stability (15%)
A Marketing costs A Market (10%)
A Overhead expenses A Geographic spread
A Remuneration of (25%)
capital charge A Trend (10%)
A Taxation A Support (10%)
A Protection (5%)



   - brand relevance and
resonance are more important
A 2
A ° 
  - DJust because
you can doesn¶t mean you should´

Source: Scott Bedbury, A ew Brand World

A -


 - Even your restroom
A —
Unfortunately, most brands come from
troubled homes
A a     

Source: Scott Bedbury, A ew Brand World

Rather than technology will distinguish
brands in the future

Source: Scott Bedbury, A ew Brand World

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A Brand equity is reinforced by marketing
actions: What products the brand represents;
Core benefits provided; What needs are
satisfied; How the product or service is
superior; Associations in the consumer¶s
A Required: nnovation and relevance;
Consistency of support
A Atsome point, failure to reinforce the brand
will diminish brand awareness and weaken
brand image

"  $ 
A Changes in consumer tastes and preferences
- light edible oil (Sunflower and Soya)
A Emergence of new competitors in almost
every product category
A Emergence of new technology
A Brands on the comeback trail have to make
µrevolutionary¶ changes than µevolutionary¶

"  $ 
A Brand revitalization of almost any kind has
to start with the product

A n general, the more that brand equity and a strong
corporate image has been established - especially
with respect to corporate credibility and
trustworthiness - the more likely it is that the firm
can weather the storm
A Management response has to be swift and sincere
A J&J Tylenol, Cadbury ndia, okia