Adaptation B

Tsukiyomi, The moon god and
ruler of the night. 
Izanagi bathed in the sea to
purify himself from contact with
the dead. As he bathed, a
number of deities came into
being. The sun
goddess Amaterasu was born
from his left eye, the moon
god Tsukiyomi was born from
his right eye.

Adaptation B:
Susanoo, having been granted
charge of the sea plain, was
driven out of heaven because of
his outrageous behaviour at his
sister’s court (Amaterasu).
Susanoo descended into the
land of Izumo in
western Japan and killed an
eight-headed dragon that had
been terrorizing the
countryside. From the tail of the
dragon he recovered the
marvellous sword Kusanagi that
he presented to his sister and
that later came to form part of
the Imperial Treasures of Japan.

Adaptation B:
Amaterasu, the celestial sun
goddess from whom the
Japanese imperial family claims
descent, and an
important Shintō deity. She was
born from the left eye of her
father, Izanagi, who bestowed
upon her a necklace of jewels
and placed her in charge
of Takamagahara (“High
Celestial Plain”), the abode of
all the kami.