Organizing Your Class Room And Materials

Introduction :
As teachers, we all know that the classroom accommodations provided to us can differ greatly in size and comfort. Some classrooms are modern, spacious, and airy. Others are cramped, outdated, and crumbling. Whatever the space, you can improve it. You work hard to create rigorous learning opportunities for your students, you love the work you do, but sometimes the clutter and disorganization of your classroom space makes your teaching less efficient and becomes cumbersome for you and your students. The following suggestions can be applied in many ways and will hopefully bring some inspiration for lightening up, creating flow, and for helping the school day run more smoothly.

Preparing Class Room
Preparing a classroom each fall can be exciting, but also a little overwhelming. If you are a new teacher or have been teaching for several years. There is no limits to the way in which teachers can group students in a classroom,although certain factors such as over-crowding,fixed furniture,and entrenched students attudides may makes thing problematic As schools become more and more crowded.Still, there are ways to organize a small classroom with a little creativity and some clever use of space.

Whole-Class Teaching
When people think of teaching and learning they frequently conjure up a picture of students sitting in rows Teaching a class as a whole-group getting students to work in their owen has many advantages and disadvantages,each is more or less appropriate for different activities

Advantages :
It reinforce a sense of belonging among the group students. It is suitable for activities where the teacher is acting like a controller. It allows the teacher to gauge the mood of the class. Student and teacher feel secure under the dicert authority of the teacher.

Disadvantages :
It favour the group rather than the individual. Students risk the public failure. It may not encourage students to take responsability for their owen learning. Not the best way to organize communicative language teaching.

Students In Their Owen
The idea of students in their owen,working in a pattern of individualised learning or when students take charge of their own learning in selfaccess centres or other out of class If we wish students to work in their own we have to ask to read privately ask them questions individually,writing tasks

Advantages :
Allows students to respond to individual students. Less stressful for students. It can develop learner autonomy and promote skills of self-reliance. It can be a way of restoring peace and tranquillity to a noisy chaotic situation.

Disadvantages :
No sense of belonging. does not encourage cooperation in which students may be able to help and motivate each other. It take much more time than interacting with the whole-class.

Pair Work
In pair work students can practise language or take part in informationgap activities

Advantages :
It dramatically increases the amount of speaking time. It allows students to work and interact independently. Promoting learner independence. Promoting cooperation helps the class room to become friendly place. It is relatively quik and easy to organize.

Disadvantages :
Frequently very noisy(teacher risk of loosing contrôle). Students in pairs can often veer away from yhe point of exercice. The actuel choice of paired can be problematic.

Group Work
We can put students in larger groups too,since this will allow them to do arange of tasks for which pair group is not sufficient or appropriate,small group of around 5 students provoke greater involvement and participation than large group

Advantages :
Like pair group,it dramatically increase the amount of talking . It encourages broader skills of cooperation and negociatiation. It promotes learners autonomy.

Disadvantages :
It is likely to be noisy. Not all the students enjoy it. Some are passive where as others may dominate.

The Best Seating Arrangement For A Class

Orderly Rows :
When the students sit in rows in classroom,there are obvious advantages. the teacher has a clear view,of all the students. it makes lecturing easy. it keep eye contact . it makes discipline easier . it implies teachers working with the whole-class.

Circles And Horseshoes
In smaller classes,many teachers and students prefer circle or horseshoes.

In horseshoes :
the teacher will probably at the open and of the arrangement since that may well be.where the board,overhead projector and/or recorder are situated.

Circles :
the teacher position is less dominating. classes which are arranged in a circle make quite and strong statement about what the teacher and the students beleive in. the teachers beleive in lowering the barriers between themselves and their students.

Class Room materials
The board
The following items of equipment are frequently used in classrooms and study centres

the traditionnal board

the new board

The range of uses for computer in english language teaching is growing all the time

The overhead projector
Overhead projectors are really useful for showing pre-prepared transparencies or as an alternative to broad

The video camera
Videos camera are incredibly useful in the EFL classroom

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