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Coronado Adult Education

Spring 2016
Social Media Challenges and Opportunities
March 8, 2016

If you decide to become a professional

writer, you must, broadly speaking, decide
whether you wish to write for fame, for
pleasure, or for money.
Ian Fleming
How to Write a Thriller

Recap of What
We Covered Last Week

Establishing an Online Presence

Review of weeks one through four

Why write writing skills in general

Writing for and selling for publication
Writing and selling non-fiction
Writing and selling novels

What makes your online material unique?

Beating the competition for eyes
Balancing content and entertainment

This Week: Social Media

Challenges and

Social media is not just a spoke on the

wheel of marketing. It's becoming the way
entire bicycles are built
Ryan Lilly
Write Like No One is Reading

Social Media-Challenges and


Everyone is doing it
Vote early and often
Building a following
Sustaining momentum

What This Evening Is and Isnt About

What it isnt:
A primer on how to use social media I suspect
you all know how to do that already

What it is:
Thoughts on how to use social media to
support and promote what you publish

Over the past 60 years, marketing has moved from

being product-centric (Marketing 1.0) to being
consumer-centric (Marketing 2.0). Today we see
marketing as transforming once again in response
to the new dynamics in the environment. We see
companies expanding their focus from products to
consumers to humankind issues. Marketing 3.0 is
the stage when companies shift from consumercentricity
Philip Kotler



Do all three
and you are


Social Media Your Vehicle for

Engagement and Visibility

E-mail mailing list


Visibility (typically after your book is published)

Guest posts
Give aways

Everyone is Doing It
74% of online adults use social networking
71% of online adults use Facebook
23% of online adults use Twitter
26% use Instagram
28% use Pinterest
28% use LinkedIn

Vote Early and Often

There are no limits to how much you can use
social media
This goes to the number of sites you use as
well as to how often you are on those sites
However, as with your online presence
(website) it comes down to how you invest
your time
Most practitioners advise a Zen approach: If
you dont do it excellently, dont do it at all

Building a Following
There are many ways to build a following
find the one thats right for you
You can even buy a following on media like
Twitter if this is really what you want to do
Most people find that letting a following build
naturally conveys the best long-term benefits
Remember that social media following is a
very ephemeral thing (Un-friending, Tweepie,

Sustaining Momentum
Building a following on social media carries an
implicit obligation to stay with it!
As one indication, Twitter tells you when a
persons last Tweet was and Tweepie keeps
score too
You want to make social media your servant
not your master
Recognize that there are dangers that come
with this

now lets get to the where

and the how to

but firsta strategic pause

A fixation with connecting with

'friends' online comes with the risk of
disconnection with friends waiting for
you to be present in the offline world.
Craig Hodges

Do You Really Want To Do This?

It can be time consuming or all-consuming
It can be boring
It can be distracting to the detriment of
your work
It can be expensive in terms of missed
Doesnt have a definable return on
At the end of the day it is ephemeral

on the other hand

Benefits of Social Media

You can reach a global audience

Social media is accessible to everyone
Most social media tools are easily learned
You control your content and periodicity
If you have no Web presence, agents,
reviewers and readers are a lot less likely to
take you seriously
Publishers will ask: What platforms are you
on and how many followers do you have?

A Slice of Social Media

A Slice of Social Media

Text Messaging

A Slice of Social Media

Text Messaging

Your email inbox is a bit like a Las

Vegas roulette machine. You know, you
just check it and check it, and every
once in a while there's some juicy little
tidbit of reward, like the three quarters
that pop down on a one-armed bandit.
And that keeps you coming back for
Douglas Rushkof

E-mail remains the most personal of all types
of media we use except perhaps the phone
Since it is asynchronous in time, it lends itself
to you just launching something at any time
You can also create multiple lists for various
communities of interest
Many people you e-mail expect a reply when
they e-mail you and the clock is ticking
Know the rules of the road
Learn how to handle your in-box

Dont focus on having a great blog.

Focus on producing a blog thats great
for your readers.
Brian Clark

Your blog is typically your stream of
consciousness of content you want to share
with the world
Its not just about getting people to look at your
blog once, its about getting them to come back
to it
Use the Goldilocks approach to blogging not
too much, not too little by remembering what
you like
It always helps to periodically build on material
youve blogged on before

In modern politics, even the leader of

the free world needs help from the
sultan of Facebookistan.
Rebecca MacKinnon

Having at least a decent Facebook page is
an expected attribute for any professional
In much the same way as your website,
your Facebook page should balance
content and sizzle
Be judicious regarding who you follow it
can overwhelm your e-mail inbox
Facebook is a great opportunity to engage
both your left and your right brain

Twitter is my bar. I sit at the counter

and listen to the conversations,
starting others, feeling the
Paulo Coelho

In some ways, Twitter is todays news
ribbon in Times Square
Twitter enables you to redistribute content
that you find and want to share
Twitter provides a great opportunity to
drive people to your website
Exercise caution and dont over-market
on Twitter people can easily see through

The real challenge is for each of us to

determine where we feel we can make the
most impact.
Jay Samit

Like Many Things in Life Using

Social Media to Enhance Your
Writing Reach Involves

Organization and planning

Knowing your target market
Getting creative
Staying consistent
Picking some but not likely all types of
Setting realistic goalsespecially the
time you invest

...if you are interested in learning


One Way to Learn More About How

Social Media Can Help Your Writing
Fauzia Burke
Tracy Petrucci
San Diego Writers Ink

Being a comparatively successful writer is a

good life. You dont have to work at it all the
time and you carry your office around in
your head. And you are far more aware of
the world around you. Writing makes you
more alive to your surroundings and, since
the main ingredient of living, though you
might not think so to look at most human
beings is to be alive, this is quite a
worthwhile by-product, even if you only
write thrillers.
Ian Fleming

Slides Posted:

....lets see what weve learned

over these six weeks.

Course Recap

Why Write?
First - and Essential - Steps
Non-fiction - The Hungry Market
The Great American Novel
Establishing an Online Presence
Social Media - Challenges and

Please share just one thing

you learned in the listed seminar

Seminar One: Why Write?

History is what writers say it is

Picking your medium
A building block approach
Due diligence the easy way

Seminar Two: First - and Essential Steps

Content-hungry media
Recycling and building content
Building relationships with editors a winwin for both parties
Solo or with a wingman? The pros and
cons of collaboration

Seminar Three:
Non-Fiction - The Hungry Market

Being - or becoming - the expert?

Pursuing a subject - or letting life happen?
Scratching itches - or entertaining?
How much to tell and whats next?

Seminar Four:
The Great American Novel
Great or not-so-great? What you need to
know getting started
Mainstream or genre? Which way should
you go?
Defining your audience and picking a
voice and point of view
Getting the sale

Seminar Five:
Establishing an Online Presence

What makes yours unique?

Beating the competition for eyes
Balancing content and entertainment

Seminar Six:
Social Media-Challenges and

Everyone is doing it
Vote early and often
Building a following
Sustaining momentum

Surveys and Follow-On