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Initially we want our

target audience to be
teenagers, preferably
14+ so we asked in
our survey how old
everyone was, and
we got a range of
answers from 16late 50s so it shows
that our audience
has a range of ages.
From the results we
got back most of our
audience matches
the target audience
age we want for this
opening sequence.

From our results we saw

that more females
answered this survey
than men, so this
survey will show what
more women prefer
than what man prefer.
Also we have an option
of others for those who
dont class themselves
as male or female, this
option is more modern
as there are more types
of gender. So 18
responders were female
while 10 were male and
the remaining 1
responder was other.

We asked this question to see

what our audience likes and
what are their preferences.
Out of 29 responses, 11
people stated their favourite
genre was something not
listed. 4 people said thriller
which is a good thing since
ours is a thriller. 7 people said
action and 6 people said
comedy. This shows thriller is
quite popular but other genres
are more popular than thriller.

We decided to put this

question in our survey
because in order to see
what our target audience
likes we have to see if they
actually like films and how
many films they watch per
month. 15 people said they
watch 0-3 films per month.
9 people said they watch 47 films per month while 5
people said they watch 8 or
more films per month.

Since our film is associated

with everyday situation
(bullying) we decided to ask
our target audience if they
would watch a film thats
related to everyday situations.
16 people answered yes while
4 said no and the remaining 8
said not sure, so most people in
our survey would watch films
related to everyday situations.

We decided to ask this

question since the sub genre
of our film is a psychological.
We wanted to see if this
would appeal to people, and
if they would watch our
opening sequence since it
contains psychological ideas.
17 people said yes while 2
people said no and 9 people
said theyre not sure so this
means a majority of our
target audience would watch
our film

We asked this question

because our opening
sequence relates to social
media by using Whatsapp for
our characters to contact each
other. By asking this question
we could see how much social
media our audience uses. The
most hours used in a week is
13+ which got 12 responds
while 12 and under hours got
a total response of 16. This
shows that our opening
sequence can relate to our
audience since social media is
used quite a lot.

Since our opening sequence is

based around cyber bullying, we
asked this question because you
hear a lot about cyber bullying
being a common type of
bullying. 16 responses say it is
one of the main reasons why it
happens while 6 people said no
and 5 people said not sure,
showing a majority of our
audience thinks social media is
one of the reasons while
bullying happens.

Since our opening

sequence is based on
social media, we
wanted to find out
what social media
platform our audience
uses the most since we
use Whatsapp in our
sequence. The most
common platform was
Whatsapp with it being
given 12 responses
while Twitter being the
least popular with 1
response. Other
answers such as
Snapchat was given 5
responses while both
Instagram and
Facebook is given 3

This question was asked to

see if our target audience
would watch our film. The
majority of our audience
would watch a film centred
around the consequences
of bullying giving yes 16
responses, no got 9
responses and I dont know
got 3 responses.