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Yamuna Apartments



Yamuna apartments belong

to a group housing society,
which has been designed
for the
lower middle
income group.

Location- Alaknanda, new


Total Area: 4.25 Acres

Built-up Area: 35%

No. of Floors: 03




The recreational
activities are
grouped around
the central
square. The club
is located on the
first floor level
forming a bridge
across two
housing blocks.

A view of the units grouped around

the central space. The open air
stage is in the foreground.

The unit plan has

opening on two sides ,
thus enabling a fair
amount of cross
Houses were
designed overlooking
each others semi
private areas.
In the unit plans , the
semi private area or
the living room of
each unit has been
consciously designed
towards the
pedestrian spine to
enable communal
interaction and
acknowledgement of
ones neighbors.

Pedestrianised Pathways

The shape of the built form gives rise to

walkways between two blocks, which
as streets within the society.
They have been broken into levels, given

The open air stage forms a part

of the recreational facilities
grouped around the central

Units on the ground floor have a

private courtyard which is partly
covered . It forms an important
space for outdoor activities .

The change in the shape of the terrace , from square to

rectangular , on alternate floors provides considerable
variation to the faade and strong geometric frame work.

The external walls finished with stone aggregate which

practically requires no maintenance besides an occasional
washing down with water to remove the dust along with
reinforced concrete bands at terrace levels provide a
refreshing contrast against the landscape.

A typical pedestrian
street or gali leading to
the central square with
entrance to the units .
Children can play in the
gali undisturbed by
vehicular traffic.
The access staircase in
each block form
important design
elements . They wind
around a central wall
panel , but at each half
landing an independent
flight peels off to lead
directly to the entrance of
the adjacent unit.

Each unit has a

courtyard or terrace for
outdoor activities.

Community spaces like O.A.T, public seating, gardens etc. are
Privacy is maintained by providing a small breathing space in every
apartment i.e. in ground floor it is next to main door and in upper floors
it is as balconies.
Two main, three sub and one service Entries are provided for the better
use of spaces.
Non- accessible Terrace gardens are provided to enclosure to the
outer space and at the same time they also gives the view of the open
sky which merges with the landscaping on the upper terrace gardens.

The designer has

tried to make the
open spaces face
towards the southern
side to avoid direct
light entering the
complex gives a
sense of enclosure.

There are many buffer

zones within the complex
which form the space of
gathering , social
35 percent of the total area is the built up area.
There are large open spaces for public use
provided on the periphery of the complex.
The built up area is in staggered form and oriented
in such a way that they form a sense of enclosure
within the complex.
balconies have been provided with the built units
that add to the aesthetics and functionality to the 65 percent is open
built form.


Parking was not made according to the requirement, cars were parked on the
The idea of parking being on the periphery, is very unique, as the whole
colony enjoys a terrific free circulation around the colony, however, the
demand for parking has increased since the societys conception, creating a
shortage of car space.
the open and green spaces at various intervals, placing of the blocks, and
the usage of pedestrianization.
The external staircase saves a lot of internal space as it cuts down the need
for a core, but, proves to be a problem on days with heavy rainfall. The fact
that residents can see into each others living rooms creates a sense of safety
in times of emergencies but it may seem intrusive for some, who have
simply used frosted glass/blinds to crub the issue.

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