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Problem 21.

The viscosity of a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)
was measured by comparing its rate of flow
through a long narrow tube (using
Poiseuilles formula) with that of argon. For
the same pressure differential, the same
volume of the CFC passed through the tube
in 72.0 s as argon in 18.0 s. The viscosity of
argon at 25C is 208 P; what is the viscosity
of the CFC? Estimate the molecular diameter


tAr = 18.0 s
tCFC = 72.0 s
T = 25.0 OC
MW CFC = 200 g/mol
Molecular diameter d

Poiseuilles formula

Q = volumetric flow rate
= pressure difference
= inner tube radius
= dynamic viscosity
= length of the tube


Remember: same pressure

differential, the same volume

Let k =