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It is opposite to iman.
There are two types of nifaq:
1) Nifaq in belief
It takes one out of the folds of Islam.
It refers to someone who openly declares acceptance of
Islam, while in his heart he actually does not belief in and
hates Islam.
Also referred as double-tongued ness.
Several types of people who can be categorized under the
nifaq of belief:
Having no faith in Allah and the Day of Judgment.
Denying of the Prophet.
Denying a part of the message brought by the Prophet.
Hatred for the Prophet.

Giving help to any effort of destructing Islam.

Never help to develop for the betterment of Islam.

2) Nifaq in action
It is exhibited through specific characteristics.

Also referred as double- faced ness.

It refers to someone whose appearance and behavior is

contrary to what actually exists in his inner state.
There are numerous types or signs for nifaq in action:

Causing mischief on the earth. Refer to 2: 11-12.

Mocking the believers. Refer to 2: 13.

Being deaf, dumb and blind towards the truth. Refer to 2:

Giving dazzling speeches. Refer to 2: 204.
Taking non-believers (kafirun) as friends instead of the
believers (muminun). Refer to 4: 139.
Showing laziness in prayers. Refer to 4: 142.
Enjoining evil and preventing from good. Refer to 9: 67.
Making a false oath. Refer to 58: 14 & 63: 1.
Telling lies. Refer to 59: 11 & 63: 1.
Being ignorant and having hearts not open to know the
truth. Refer to 59: 13 & 63: 3.
Being ignorant. Refer to 63: 5.
Preventing others from spending in the path of Allah. Refer
to 63: 7.
The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, The signs of hypocrites are
three; when he talks he lies, when he makes a promise he
breaks it, and when he is trusted he is treacherous.
Nifaq has numerous grades and degrees;
- the more iman you have, the less nifaq.
- If your iman is complete, you have no nifaq
- The less iman you have, the more nifaq exits in your soul.
- The more prone you are acting with the characteristics of
nifaq, the highest degree leads to kufr.
The final destination for mumin The final destination for munafiq
is jannah (paradise). is in the hell.
For a mumin, hearing the For a munafiq, hearing the
Quran would increase his iman. Quran makes him turning away.
He hates the Quran. Refer to al
tawbah: 124-125.
Pertaining to solah, a mumin
For a munafiq, he prays with
prays with concentration and laziness. Refer to al nisa: 142.
focus. He prays with humility,
and remembers Allah while
praying. Refer to al muminun:
Pertaining to jihad, a mumin
For a munafiq, he doesnt want to
always want to strive for the
strive for the sake of Allah.
sake of Allah.
Nifaq gives a very bad impact both here in this world as
well as in the hereafter.
The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said,
- In the hereafter a munafiq will be resurrected with two
tongues of fire in his mouth.
- Double- faced person will come on the day of
Resurrection in such a condition that one of his tongue
will protrude from the back of his head, and the other
from the front; both the tongues will be aflame, full of
There are two ways of avoiding nifaq:
i) To think of the harms/ disadvantages/ consequences of
being hypocrite in this world as well as in the hereafter.
ii) Self-training.