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Admitting the patient

Before a patient has an operation he should be carefully
prepared for it both mentally and physically. He should be as
clean as possible both internally and externally.
The night before the operation he should be given a warm bath
and a day or two earlier, a shampoo. His teeth should be
brushed twice a day and the mouth rinsed with an antiseptic
solution three times a day.
The patient should not be given anything to eat on the morning
of the operation, and probably only a very small amount of food
the night before.
He Usually given a warm cleansing enema to empty his colon
and just before he goes to the operating theatre he should be
given a urinal or bed pan to empty his bladder. The area that is
to be operated on must be carefully shaved. These precautions
make the operation easier for the surgeon.
The patient is taken to the operating theatre about twenty
minutes before the anaesthetic is administered. His jewellery
and denture are first removed and labeled with his name.
Complete the sentences below using
words from the reading passage
The patient is taken to the for the operation.
The patient is operated on by the ..
The patients mouth is.. with antiseptic solution
The patient . food for several hours before the
The internal cleanliness an .. is given.
The area that is to be operated on must .. with razor
The patients personal belonging are . and .
The . is administered by the anaesthetist
The operation will be done by ..
The anaesthetic is given about . before surgery is
The following dialog is a simple conversation between the nurse and
her patient in the admission room
Nurse : Good morning, what can I do for you?
A patient : I am Ahmad I am new patient here and I want to see Dr
Phill Maude.
Nurse : Ok, may I have your personal data ? Firstly, what is your
complete name?
A patient : My name is Ahmad Budi. A-H-M-A-D-B-U-D-I
Nurse : What is your address?
A patient : I live in H-081 Sunshine street, Victoria
Nurse : Please tell me your phone number?
A patient : Yes, 082777098661
Nurse : How old are you?
A patient : I was born on June 2nd 1990 so I am 25 years old
Nurse : Whats wrong with you?
A patient : I could not sleep well last night, and feel headache and
dont want to eat..
Nurse : How long have you had like this?
A patient : I have felt like this since last week
Nurse : Have you tried to see health practitioner?
Please pay attention

Good morning...
Good afternoon...
Good evening...
Good night...
Asking the name:
Whats your name
May I know your name?
Could you tell me your name?
Are you Mrs. Ellin?

Please practice with your partner!

Asking the address:
Where do you live?
Whats your address?
Do you live Magelang?
Where about in Magelang do you

Please practice with your partner!

Asking the occupation
Whats your job?
What do you do?
Whats your present occupation?
What kind of work are you in?
Are you a teacher?

Please practice with your partner!

Asking the hobbies
What are your hobbies?
How do you spend your leisure time?
Are you interested in sport?
What do you do for fun?

Please practice with your partner!

Asking the place of origin
Where are you from?
Where do you come from?
Where were you born?
Are you from Magelang?
Do you come from Magelang?

Please practice with your partner!


Pretend that you are a nurse in the

admission room. You will ask some
personal data and chief complain from
the patient.
Pretend that you are a new nurse will
take care a patient, so you must
introduce yourself to the patient.

Put in a or an as shown in the

following examples:
Helen Russell is a staff nurse
Dr. Taylor is an ophthalmologist.
She works in.....ophthalmologic
He is.....anesthetist.
She is.....surgeon.
He is.....lab. technician.
Exercise 2

Put some or any as shown in the following examples:

There are some journals on the table.
Are there any towels?
No, there arent any left.
There arent..... bath towels.
Are there.....syringes? Yes, there are.....
Are there.....probes?
There arent.....needles.
There must be.....tracheotomy hooks over there.
Bring me..... paper towels.
There arent.....ear drops left.
Are there.....swabs in that cabinet?
Simple Past Tense : S + V II + O

Simple Past Tense di gunakan

menunjukkan suatu kejadian / peristiwa
atau keadaan yang terjadi pada masa
Contoh :
His father died when he was ten years old
We visited her friend in the hospital last night
When I lived in Yogyakarta, I worked as a
Simple Past Tense menggunakan keterangan
waktu lampau. Keterangan waktu yang
sering digunakan dalam simple past tense
Ago Last Saturday
Yesterday morning Last June
Five days ago
Last week
a/ one year ago
Six months ago
Bentuk lampau beraturan : dengan
menambahkan akhiran d/ed pada
kata kerja pertama ( infinitive).

Adi wanted to see the doctor last week.
I needed your help to deal with my
He decided to work in public health center
Bentuk lampau tidak beraturan
( irregular past form)
He brought his mother to the hospital last
She bought the medicine for her uncle.
A nurse wrote a book when she worked in
Kalimat Tanya ( interrogative
Dibentuk dengan menempatkan kata
Bantu did didepan kalimat. Dan kata
kerjanya kembali ke bentuk pertama.
Did you buy this medicine at a pharmacy?
Did you see the doctor last week?
Did you come to the nursing seminar last
Kalimat menyangkal (negative statement)

I did not see you at the hospital last night

You did not check up to the health clinic
last September
She didnt have shift last night.
Simple past tense juga digunakan untuk
menanyakan waktu terjadinya suatu
kejadian atau peristiwa

When did you buy this medicine?

How long did you stay in the hospital last
When did you get operation
Adapted from Nursing English Book
by Suharsono, MN