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Useful New Features in

Fast, Robust, Automatic Mesh Creation
for CFD

Meshing Large and Complex Geometries with Fluent

Meshing With ANSYS 16.0, Fluent Meshing is even
more powerful and usable.
Local surface remeshing tools, faster volume
meshing, and parallel meshing enable engineers to
spend less time on geometry simplification and
clean-up of corrupted geometries (for example gaps
or holes) and solve larger models using the power of
parallel simulations.
Mesh Display
New option in the details view to visualize mesh
quality items such as aspect ratio, skewness,
element quality, etc.
Image to Clipboard
The new Image to Clipboard menu allows you to get
the image the way you want it in the geometry view,
right click, and select Image to Clipboard. Or just
use Ctrl + C. When you paste, youll be pasting the
contents of that view window directly.
Nonlinear Adaptive Region
Element xyz has become highly distorted,

V16 adds a new tool to our toolbox with the

Nonlinear Adaptive Region capability. It allows the
solution to recover from highly distorted elements by
pausing, remeshing, and then continuing.
Explode View
This allows you to explode the view of your
assemblies, making it potentially easier to visualize
the parts and interaction between parts that make
up the assembly.
Other New Features
Beam Contact Formulation
Nonlinear Adaptive Region
Thermal Fluid Flow via Thermal
Solver Pivot Checking Control
Contact Result Trackers
Tree Filtering
Results Set Listing Enhancements