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Parts of the


By: Janice B. Curag

Haguilanan High School

A monitor is the computer

screen you look at and work on
A monitor looks like a TV.
Monitor ON Button

The monitor ON button is the

place you press to turn the
monitor on or off.

The keyboard is one way of talking to

the computer. It had buttons to help
you type and use software programs.

The mouse helps you move

the cursor around on the
computer screen.
Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is used to put a mouse on.

The mouse must be on a mouse
pad for the cursor to move.
CPU Hard Drive
The hard drive is the brain of
the computer. It saves all the
information you work on and save.
The hard drive reads the
software you use.
CPU Hard Drive ON
The hard drive ON
button is the
button you press to
turn the computer on.
Printers make a copy of
your work on paper.
Printer ON Button

The printer has a

button that turns
is on when
it is pressed.
CD-Rom Drive

The CD-Rom Drive is the place

you put a CD into the hard drive
tower to run a program.
Computer Disk CD

A CD is a flat round object that

contains the information to
run a program.
Floppy Drive

A floppy drive is the place on

the hard drive tower that a
floppy disk is placed to be run
on the computer.
Floppy Disk

A floppy disk is just like a CD.

It saves information you want to keep.
A floppy disk does not hold as
much information as a CD.

A scanner is like a
camera or copy machine.
It makes a copy or takes a picture
of the object that is placed on it.
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