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‡ This is a game to recycle conditionals. ‡ Show each slide at a time. When you say go, the first group to sing the correct lyrics will score 3 points. If they give the correct answer but can¶t or won¶t sing the song, they score only 2 points. Give 1 point if the group give a gramatically correct sentence but it¶s not the same as the song. ‡ Use the conversation to warm them up or to round off the activity.


‡ Do you know many songs by heart or do you often forget the lyrics to your favorite hits? ‡ Do you ever hum without noticing? When and where? Do you find it embarrassing? ‡ Have you ever sung karaoke? How did you like the experience?

Conditionals in Music
Are you a true fan of music? Are you a grammar buff? So complete the lyrics before your competition does.

³Tears in Heaven´ Eric Clapton

Would _______ you
_______ my know name if I _____ saw you in heaven?



If God _______ had a name what ______ it ___? would be Andwould you _____ ____ it to His call face if you ___________ were faced with Him in all His glory?


The Beach Boys


1) _________ it Wouldn¶t ____ nice if we be _____ were older? 2) _________ it Wouldn¶t ____ nice if we be could wake up ____________ in the morning when the day is new?

If I _________, could then I _______. would

³Wherever you will go´


I should have changed my f* lock, I would have made _________ you leave your key if I had known ________ for just one second you¶d be MAKE/KNOW back to bother me. ³I Will Survive´ Cake

³With a Little Help from My Friends´ The Beatles

THINK/SING STAND UP/WALK What _______ you ______ if I _______ out sang would think of tune? _______ you _________ and walk out on _____ stand up Would me?

¶re If you____ happy know and you ______ it, your face ______ will surely show it. _____ If you____ happy ¶re and you _______ it, know clap your hands.

If itwasn¶t for the _____ money, cars, and movie stars, and jewels, and all these things I've got, I wonder, hey _______ you still would _______ me? want

BE/WANT ³Wonderful´ Ja Rule/ R Kelly/ Ashanti

³Smile´ By Charlie Chaplin If you _______ smile through your fears and sorrow, smile and maybe tomorrow, you ¶ll see the sun _______ come shining through for you. SMILE/SEE

If I were a boy, _____ could I think I ______ understand ____________ how it feels to love a girl.


If you, if you could get by _____________, trying not to lie, things wouldn¶t be ___________ so confused and I _____________ wouldn¶t feel CAN GET BY / BE / FEEL so used

Your Song By Elton John DO/ BUY/ BE 1) I don¶t have much money, but, boy, if I _____, did I ¶d buy a big house where we both could live. ________ 2) If I _______ a sculptor, but then again no... was

If a picture paints ______ a thousand words, then why ______ I can¶t _____ you? paint If a man could be ________ two places at one ¶d be time, I _______ PAINT/CAN¶T PAINT with you tomorrow CAN BE/BE and today.

What ________ would you say if I _____ ______ those took words away? Then you _____________ couldn¶t make things new just by saying µI love you¶

SAY/TAKE CAN¶T MAKE ³More than Words´ Extreme


ll take If you ________ me now, you¶_______ leave away the biggest part of me. Oohh no, baby, please don¶t go.

³Always´ Bon Jovi

If you told me to cry for you, I ________. _____ could would told If you _____ me to die for you, I ________.


I ¶_______ you a diamond ring, my friend, ll buy makes if it ________ you feel all right.

¶ll get I_______ you anything, my friend, if it makes _______ you feel all right.
I¶ll give you all I¶ve got to give if you _______ say _____ you love me, too.


If I was rich girl (na, na) ____ ¶d have See, I _________ all the money in the world, if I was _____a wealthy girl. No man could testme, __________ impress me, my cash would flow ________ never end ever ________. ¶d have Cause I_______ all the money in the world, if I was _____ a wealthy girl.


If you don¶t know ____________ me by now, you will _______ never never never ________ me. know

³Hero´ Mariah Carey BE/LOOK BE/REACH

look There____ a hero if you _____ inside your heart. ¶s You don't have to be afraid of what you are. There ___ an answer if your_____ into your soul ¶s

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