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BBFC Research

The British Board of Film Censors was

founded in 1912 and is used to classify
films and give them age restrictions based
on the content in the film. This is done by
examiners watching the films and deciding
what age group they fit in based on the
elements such as
Imitable behavior
U= Universal meaning that its suitable for all ages that are
4 and above

Discrimination: Is likely to be unacceptable.

Drugs: Reference to drugs must be used for educational
purposes otherwise the mention of drugs should not be
frequently bought up.
Imitable behavior: Should be disapproved so that young
children do not copy their actions/behavior.
Language: Should be clean, no use of extreme bad
language, can use mild bad language infrequently.
Nudity: Some nudity with no sexual background.
Sex: Mild behavior such as kissing or hugging can be
Violence: Violence needs to be kept to a minimum only if its
for comedy or animations.
PG= Parental guidance, is suitable for ages 8+ but
parental guidance is advised with children aged 12
and under.

Discrimination: Discrimination with popular characters which

can be easily recognized e.g. Mickey Mouse is unacceptable
Drugs: If there are any references to drugs, it should be a
message about not to use drugs.
Imitable behavior: There can be imitable behavior as along as
its not detailed enough to be copied by children.
Language: Bad language can be mild.
Nudity: Sex jokes can be made but not frequently and sex can
be disguised.
Sex: N/A
Violence: Moderate violence if there isn't detail to pay attention
12A and 12. No one under the age of 12 can
see a film thats a 12A unless accompanied by
an adult. Anyone under the age of 12 can
buy/rent a video that has the age restriction of
12 on it.

Discrimination: Aggressive discriminated actions should not be approved.

Drugs: Shouldnt be made to look good or given instructions on how to take
Imitable behavior: Nothing to do with anti-social behavior or dangerous
behavior which children are most likely to copy e.g. killing someone.
Language: Strong language may be allowed and there will be moderate
Nudity: There may be nudity but the sexual context must not be obvious.
Sex: Has to be discreetly depicted.
Violence: There may be violence but it cant be in very huge detail.
15= Anyone who is under the age of 15 maybe see
or buy a film with this age rating.

Discrimination: There could be racist or

homophobic remarks and themes. The film
shouldn't be based on the discrimination.
Drugs: Drug use will be shown but it shouldnt be
used to encourage drug taking.
Imitable behavior: Suicide, self harm can be
shown as long their isn't detail paid attention to it
so viewers can copy
Language: Strong language is allowed.
Nudity: There will be nudity but without great
Sex: Sexual activities will be shown but without
great detail.
Violence: There will be strong violence but not
concentrated on the injury.
The age rating of 18 means you have to be 18 to
watch the film or you have to be 18 to purchase
the film. R18 is where it involves a licence to view
or to sell e.g. cinemas or sex shops to adults.

Sex education at 18: Encourages the viewers to have safe sex,

which makes the scenes explicit.
Sex works at 18: Shows clear images of sex work such as
stimulation to the viewers or sexual arousal.
What is the age rating for our film?

Our film would most likely be a 12 or a 12A because it has all the
guidelines for a 12/12A film and it doesn't contain nudity or
violence or drugs so therefore it wont be rated a 15 or above. Also
our target audience is set towards that age range and above, its
quite teenager like so it will be less likely for the audience to copy
anything from the film. Our opening sequence is educational on
the downsides of social media. On the other hand it could be a 15
since it might not be suitable for anyone younger than 12/13.