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Social Media

Xiao Xu Project 2: Institutions Analysis

Dr. Alvarado
Sociology 1

Our world is filled with mass media, such as television, radio, newspaper,
magazine, Internet, and cell phone. They can store and convey massage,
and they even change our life.
What is social media?
Now, the most popular media is s
ocial media. Social media are site
s or applications that allow peopl
e to communicate with others an
d share their information.
People can make friend, chat wit
h others, share their feeling, shar
e their photos, and people even c
an use this to make money.
This tool is based on Internet tec
The history of social media can go back to 20th Century.
Technology developed rapidly during 20th Century.

In 1940s, people started to build networks to connect

computer, and this study lead to the emerge of Internet. This is
the base for social media.

From 1970s to 1990s, netting work technology and computer

improved greatly and become more and more general.

In 1997, the first social media, Six Degress, was created. This
first blogging site allowed people to communicate with others
and create a profile, and it become more and more popular
after 1999.
Who are the major participants?

Adults are the main participants in

social media.

From 2005 to 2015, percentage of

American adults who use social
media raise form 5% to 65%, so
this means almost two-thirds of
American people use social media.

Young adults who's age between

18 to 29 are main user.
ip Role and Statuses

Beneficiaries 1

People can use social media freely. They can not only
to make friends and share their profile, but also can
help people gain popularity, advertise, and even sell
products and crafts.

2 Propagandists
While people are using social media, they will
attrack their friends and families to use these
Stable Feature

1 Participation
People are encouraged to chat and
make comment to others if they are
interested. This break the line between
media and audience.

2 Openness
Most social media services allow
people to feedback and participate.
They also encourage people to vote,
make comments and the share
information. There are almost no
barriers to reading and use of content
ng How has social media changed?

Beside traditional news and social networking website,


social media become more diverse. There are many different

kinds of social media today, such as video sharing site like
YouTube, photo sharing application like Instagram, film
review site, community discussion site, and so on. Most
people are using multiple media to entertainment, relax, and
kill the time.

The media that suppor social media is moving from

computer to cell phone. Because of the convenient and
effective of cell phone, more and more social media are
building their application to attract more people to use.
Impact of Social Media

1 Provide a convenient way for people to socialization.

2 They can be used to promote social issues or political

activities. They even play a important role in Presidential
3 Social media allow people to share information more
quickly. Mainstream media increasingly use social
media tools to deliver breaking news updates in real
time and to engage with their audiences
How to Improve social media?

1 Strengthen the protection of the users' right of privacy


Some social media may share users' personal information such as name,
cell phone number, and email address to other company.

2 Protect intellectual property rights

Because the openness of social media, people are free to download
others' pictures and information. Intellectual property right will be
easy to infringe.

3 Prevent the spread of false information

4 Deter cyber bullying


Social media provide a

platform for people to follow
and connect to others so that
people's development can be
contributed to society.

Social media also become a

large data collection system.

The connection and efficiency

that provided by social media
can help society work better.
Conflict Theory

People are competing for

status, popularity, and influence
in social media.

People who have more

followers will gain a dominate
role in social media.
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