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The following warning signs

warrant immediately bringing
your child into our emergency
Fainting, seizure,
convulsion or loss of

Fever above 100.4

degrees in a newborn less
than three months of age
Conti .

Difficulty or rapid

Sudden dizziness,
weakness or change in
Conti .

Severe vomiting or
vomiting of blood

Bleeding that will not

stop after 15 minutes of
direct pressure
Conti .

Problems with movement or

sensation after an injury

A bulging or sunken soft

spot in infants
Conti .

Sudden severe pain anywhere in

the body.

Falls from any significant height

or from a bicycle/car accident.
Action you should take:

Call to Emergency if your child is not breathing

or is in severe pain or non-responsive.

If possible, talk with your physician and follow

his/her advice.

Otherwise, to your clinical head Health Care at

home .