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Jacket Scarf Blouse

Skirt Jeans T-shirt

Trousers Dress Shirt

Shorts Sweater
Note book Scissors Set-square

Paint brush Cutter Ruler

Pencil Stapler Calculator

Cello tape Compass Sharpener

Eraser Paper clip Tumbtack

Glue Compass Sharpener

shuttlecock Ping pong paddles and ball
Rugby ball

Basketball Soccer ball Softball

Softball bat Volleyball Badminton racquet

Tennis racquet and

Squash racquet and ball ball Sharpener
Drum set Piano Flute

Violin Guitar Saxophone

Xylophone Tambourine Harp

Plate with spoon,
Bowl and chopstick fork and knife Teapot

Cup and saucer Glass Ladle

Pot Frying pan Blender