Cap Digital

Paris Region Business Cluster Digital Content Industry
Patrick Cocquet CEO Henri Verdier President

Cap Digital: The French Business Cluster for Digital Content
‡ Cap Digital is a regional business cluster that promotes French competitiveness in the Digital Content Creation and Knowledge Management Industries for the Ile-de-France region ‡ The region already ranks as one of Europe¶s top two business metropolitan hubs and charts the strongest growth compared to 14 other European metropolitan areas. ‡ The Content industry represents more than 150,000 jobs ‡70-80% of the French assessed at ¼12 Billion digital market


Who are We?
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Cap Digital is the French business cluster for Digital Content and Services in Paris and the Ile-de-France region. 500 Members: 430 innovative SMEs, 50 major universities,170 research labs, and 20 corporations - They have joined Cap Digital to benefit from professional expertise for R&D projects, for funding information and support, and for their structure¶s development.


Since 2006, Cap Digital has received 850 projects, accredited 414 and received funding for 274 projects. - These represent a total investment of 527M¼ and 228M¼ of public funds.


In 2009, within the regional program ³Plan Filière Régionale´ over 60 companies benefited from development workshops - Over 40 companies have participated in international prospective missions.


Domain Communities
9 Domain Communities that define the cluster¶s scope and strategy - Recommend measures to implement - Contribute new ideas, projects, and platforms - Identify technological development needs - and their sector¶s promotional and organizational tools Video Games, Digital Design, Digital Heritage, Image, Sound and Interactivity, Robotics and Communicating Objects, Digital Education and Training, Services and Usages, Knowledge Engineering, Open Source Software, Cooperation and New Business Models.

‡ ‡

3Commissions (Knowledge, Content, and Services) to lead our expertise - Project reviews and selection of cluster experts Cap Digital provides members with essential information, networks, and resources - Ongoing competitive intelligence, training, partnerships, funding solutions, and project reviews - Contribute to creating a new governance for the innovation sector.


Video Game: Play All
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡
Play All is the first SME-led successful collaborative initiative in the games industry to establish its own company It regrouped 14 partners ± 9 SMEs - 5 research labs A 24 month-project The 9 SMEs shared a game creation middleware platform for 3rd generation platforms (Wii ± PS3 ± Xbox 360 ± DS ± PSP). The consortium is preparing to implement 4G platforms


THD Platform : ³incubating´ digital services 

The THD platform is a new program to facilitate the implementation of industrial projects for digital services and contents
B2C MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) o Mapping Services (ie: virtual 3D globe) o E-learning, after-school tutorials o E-health, home-care, remote diagnosis and assistance

B2B Teleconferencing, tele-presence, collaborative environments o Secure storage of online multimedia data, data-management o Online information sharing, ASP software o Remote training and healthcare

A better understanding of new usages Benchmarking Comparative Analysis Cultural Observation

Terra Numerica and the Digitalisation of Territories: a Collaborative Cap Digital Project

‡ ‡ ‡

An important project led by Thalès: 17 partners, SMEs , public institutions (INRIA, IGN) and public research labs (CITU, LEDEN) One global information system using a 3D geographic database: a new way of reading the urban environment The structuring project enables dynamic access to all accessible content and takes into account the diversity of various users and new consultation systems


International Cooperation
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Member services: international prospective missions, augmented visibility for companies, facilitated new business opportunities Cap Digital provides SMEs the means to build and participate in European consortiums. It promotes national innovative projects so that they can become the foundation for new European collaborations in the sector of digital content and services Partnerships with other leading European clusters, at a structural and project level, are an essential element of Cap Digital's strategic activities Working closely with various projects, networks, and associations with partner clusters and the European Commission, developing both French and European leadership in the Creative Industries are strategic tools to ensure our ICT industry¶s international outreach efforts We would like to reinforce existing partnerships and multiply cooperative endeavors

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Cap Digital is supported by:


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