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Warm Up Answer the

This physical feature in Canada covers half of the country.
a. Rocky Mountains b. Great Lakes
c. Hudson Bay d. Canadian Shield
Environmental Issues in
1. Acid Rain

2. Pollution of the Great Lakes

3. Extraction and Use of Natural Resources on the Canadian


4. Timber Industry in Canada

What is the problem?

Acid Rain
What are the causes?

Air Pollution from the

use of coal in the
production of
Vehicle Exhaust
What are the effects?
Damage to forests, crops, lakes,
and fish
Pollute drinking water and food
Health problems
What are solutions?

Reduce the amount of

energy used in the home.
Change driving habits -
drive less: public
transportation, walking,

50% of pollution
comes from the
United States!
What is the Problem?
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Great Lakes
What are the causes?
Began in 18th and 19th centuries. People did
not know better about putting their waste in
the water.
People used the lakes as garbage cans.
Raw sewage
Animal carcasses
Toxins from factories

20th century- People realized importance of clean water but

more industries and people arrived and made pollution
worse! Oops!
What are the effect?

Kill or pollute wildlife Ex:

Hurts plant life
Health problems
Illness - Cancer, Brain
disorders, skin infection,
polluted drinking water
What are the solutions?

Stop using pesticides and

Government regulations for
Dispose of oil and paint in
recycle center.
Keep trash and leaves out of
street gutters and storm drains.
What is problem?

Use of Natural
Resources on
Canadian Shield Cana
r ed da is
c o e
v 1/10 o h om e
a is f the to ap
nad t in g world proxim
f C a e se n s fore ately
o p r s
u t 45% sts, re ts .
Abo th fore
wi Canada is the worlds largest exporter of forest produc
accounting for 15.9% of the world trade.
What is the cause?

Deforestation- cutting
down of trees
Mining- digging of
What are the effects?

A major concern for many Canadians is clear-
cutting. Most timber companies cut all the
trees in a given area, leaving large treeless
gaps in the forest.
Effects of clear-cutting include water
pollution, erosion, and loss of wildlife habitat.
Heavy machinery can leave the forest floor
compacted. This makes it hard for new growth
to start.
What are the effects?

water pollution
Mining processes can spew sulfur dioxide,
SO2, into the air, producing acid rain and
killing nearby vegetation and lake animals
Chemicals from the mines that are dumped
into rivers and streams can poison the water
and kill animal and plant life.
What are the solutions?
Cut trees down at a slower pace, replant trees
leave small trees and seedlings
Govt spends billions of dollars are spent
managing and protecting the forests.
Make improvements on water management
and treatment systems
Education on prevention and control of mining
Environmental Bill Board
Performance Task
A large outdoor advertising space designed to capture the
attention of motorists and pedestrians. Typically placed
around high traffic areas (both automotive and foot traffic),
billboards are meant to be simple, striking, and creative.
Environmental Bill Board
Performance Task
o Large, colorful creative picture to catch attention 5pts
o A strong MOTTO that draws attention to your issue.
10 pts
o List causes 15 pts.
o List effects 15pts.
o List 1 possible solutions. 5 pts.