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Teacher: Nej Akdere

Date of Assignment: 06/02/2017
DUE DATE: 13/ 02/2017
Sumia Saifu
Learning Intention: Acquiring planning and researching skills for
project based tasks. Developing literacy and ICT skills for the
planned project.

Success Criteria:
As a VCAL WRS (EAL) student I can:
Develop researching skills and find answers to certain
Evaluate, assess and make comments on other peoples
work on similar projects;
Find out meanings of unknown words to me and familiarise
myself with these words;
Present my findings to class.
TASK: Research the guided questions
below and prepare a power point on
your planning for Cultural Diversity
Week & Harmony Day 2017. You may
add more questions of your own.
When is Harmony Day in Victoria? What does HARMONY DAY
mean? Why do we have this day?
Harmony Day is held on 21 of March in Victoria. Harmony Day
means cultural diversity week to get along, respect each other and
a sense of belonging for everyone. Harmony Day is a celebration of
our cultural diversity, a day of cultural respect for everyone who
calls Australia home. The day coincides with the United Nations
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
Which government organisations support Cultural Diversity
Week/ Harmony Day in Victoria (State level) or Canberra
(Federal level)? What type of support do they provide, list
The Intercultural Citizenship Ambassador Program (ICAP) supports
Victoria in Harmony Day. And also Victorian Multicultural
Commission and many other non-profitable organisations.
. Engage students in an environment of inclusion, participation and
. Explore the feelings associated with empathy, self-worth and
. Teach the meaning of cultural and intercultural understanding.
. Encourage students to re-evaluate their own sense of belonging,
and find empowerment from a broader intercultural perspective.
How can you receive publicity to your project? This means how can you
advertise your project and how can you attract people to participate
actively or passively as audience?
Respect and being friendly is the best way for making relationship with others
so you can build communication and connection. Supporting others with your
critical thinking makes them to do and to go ahead which means you can do
it. Also one of the easiest ways to help others is to simply share your
Research on YouTube or other websites to find out how Harmony
Day/Cultural Diversity Week was celebrated. Add these website
addresses and comment on them. List some of the projects / ideas
that people had. What was interesting and effective about their
project? What can be done on Harmony Concert differently this year
at SHS?
All the teachers were in this video which is so good, every one of them had a
word like they made a big sentence and each one of them had a word of the
sentence. If teachers do something interesting students can be inspired of
them. The interesting thing was they wrote we are one like we are the same
on a piece of paper and they had different teachers from other backgrounds.
I think if our stuffs could do something in this year it would be a good idea to
show the students that they are interesting to participate and to show their
program to the newcomers students.
List the type of work/duties/tasks you want to perform
being part of a team to make this big project achieve
successful outcomes.
I want to do a peaceful speech in front of all students because I
have never did anything like speech in public so I can build my
confidence and show what I can do to make people feel good.