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Food Quiz

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Question 1: There is enough food grown
to feed the worlds population.

Tru Fals
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There is enough food grown in the world today for
everyone to have the nourishment necessary for a
healthy and productive life.
Question 2: What proportion of children in
the world are underweight?

b) c)
a) 7%
25% 16%
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c) 16%
The World Health Organisation estimates that, globally,
the percentage of underweight children in 2010 was
16%. In 1990 this figure was 25%.
Question 3: What percentage of hungry
people live in developing countries?

a) b) c)
49% 98% 56%
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b) 98%
98 percent of people who do not have enough to eat are
living in the majority world. This is estimated as a total of 925
million hungry people, meaning that almost one in seven
goes to bed hungry every night.
Question 4: How much food is wasted in
Australia each year?

a) b) c)
10% 25% 40%
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b) 25%
Australians are throwing away more than 3 million tonnes of
food a year, mostly because of over-shopping and waste at
the table. This is more than one quarter of edible food
produced in Australia every year.
Question 5: How many people rely on food
from the World Food Program?

a) 22 b) 52 c) 90
million million million
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c) 90 million
In 2011, the World Food Program estimates that it will
have fed 90 million people in 73 countries, totalling 3.7 million
tons of food.
Question 6: What is the biggest single
cause of hunger ?

c) Not
b) enough
Poverty food
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b) Poverty
While there is enough food produced in the world to feed
everyone, people who are living in poverty often dont have
enough money to buy or produce food for themselves.
Question 7: Which food listed below
requires the most water to produce it?

c) 1kg
a) 1kg b) 1kg
beef rice
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a) Beef
It requires 16,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of beef,
compared to 3,000L for 1kg rice and 1,800L for 1kg of
soybeans ( ).
Question 8: How long can you live
without food?

a) 1-2 b) 4-6 c) 7-8

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b) 4-6 weeks
Most doctors and nutritionists state that the average person
can live about four to six weeks without food, but a week is a
miracle without water.
Question 9: How many kilojoules (kJ) does
the average adult need to consume daily?

a) b) c)
4,700kJ 6,700kJ 8,700kJ
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c) 8,700kJ
An average adult needs to consume 8,700kJ or 2,100 calories
per day. These kilojoules, or calories, need to be obtained
from a variety of sources in order to consume the various
nutrients the body needs.
Question 10: For the worlds poor, what
percentage of income is spent on food?

a) 30- b) 50- c) 80-

40% 70% 90%
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b) 50-70%
1.4 billion people live on $1.25 a day or less. They spend
approximately 50-70% of their income on food. Thus a person
living on $1.25 a day spends at least 60 cents a day on food.
When prices rise, people are forced to buy less or cheaper
food that often doesnt provide the required nutrients.
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