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Part 1: Test 2 Listen and choose the best description for each photo. .

C. A. A. B. . D.1. B. 2. C. D.

4. D. A. A. D.3. B. . C. C. B.

A. D. C. B. A. D. C. .5. B. 6.

B. A. D. 8. . C.7. D. C. A. B.

A. 10. B. . C. C. A.9. B. D. D.


A.  C. One man is leaning against a ladder. They are standing far from the machine.  B.  B.  D. They are putting fruit into a large wooden basket.  . They are trimming trees. They are harvesting the crop.1. 2. They are at the top of a mountain. They are picking fruit. A.  C.

  C. She is looking at a flower field. A man is cutting the inauguration ribbon.  B. Some men are shaking hands. A man is making a speech.  D.3. She is holding a phone in her .  B. She is taking a photo of flowers. 4. Two women are wearing red dresses. A. A.  C.

 The man is holding a light.  B. The twins have eaten up their portions.  C. The twins are nodding off while eating. The man is going fishing. A.  D. The twins are lying in a cradle.5. A.  D.  B. The twins are using the same bowls 6. The man is putting on . The man is spreading out the net.  C.

  D. Some people are sitting on the steps. He is opening an envelope. They are all having a drink.  B. He is stapling papers. He is facing the window.  D. . He is signing a document.  B. People are playing golf.  C.7. A. A. 8.  C. People are standing under a big tree.

 The baby is washing her hands.  C. 10.  C. The baby is standing in .  D. They are locking the door.  D. They are looking at the board. They are studying in a group. A. The baby is using soap. They are raising their hands.  B. A.  B.9. The baby is drying her hands.