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Back to the Future

Why recent world events have recalibrated the

global economic cycle

Scott Campbell
Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer
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Kondratieff cycle

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China is slowing

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Trump - America today

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Oil lower for longer

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Will she, wont she?

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Dont forget the ECB

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Liquidity and the S&P

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Central banks

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Expected to trend down

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Earnings recession

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Earnings negative for the quarter

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Divide between rich and poor

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Europe refugee crisis

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What about global debt?
Biggest elephant in the room

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Kondratieff cycle

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Fed actions - interest rates on the rise & market liquidity falling
Fears of global growth slowing - led by China. Impact on EM &
Debt bubble in China (& world) - debt to GDP higher today than peak of
last credit bubble
China exporting deflation - currency wars
Markets losing faith in central bankers - central bank are supposed to
solve liquidity crises, not solvency ones

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On the bright side

US economy is on the mend

European economy is looking stronger
Lower oil prices for longer - support for consumer spending
Valuations more attractive
Interest rate increases will be gradual

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Why MitonOptimal?

Owner managed business

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Proponents of active asset allocation

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MitonOptimal Group
International Managed Model Portfolio Solutions

For Investment & Fiduciary Professionals Only
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About Us
The MitonOptimal Group is an owner managed business that specialises in providing a range of investment management solutions for financial advisors and
fiduciary professionals. Our business has steadily grown, since its establishment in 2002, to approximately US$750m in assets under management.

As a team of highly experienced investment professionals, we understand the complex financial landscapes that financial advisors manage for their clients and are
cognisant of the level of care and attention that is required when considering the suitability of appointing a discretionary fund manager.

With over 50 staff across offices in Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Singapore and South Africa we offer a global perspective and appreciate the importance of cultural as
well as financial aspects of managing wealth.
Whether your clients are seeking wealth preservation for legacy planning purposes, capital growth or income generating portfolios you will have direct access to the
key decision makers that sit on our Investment Management Committee (IMC).

We take a long-term approach to managing portfolios and invest time and care into building long-lasting relationships with our partners and clients through face-to-
face meetings, regular correspondence and open lines of communication.

Please Managed
note: This Model
document is forPortfolio
investmentSolutions (MMP)
and fiduciary professionals.

The MitonOptimal MMP solutions are designed to fit between our fully tailored discretionary portfolio services, normally reserved for trustees and family offices,
and our unitised multi-asset Core Funds range.

The key benefits of our model portfolios include:

A choice of 5 risk rated portfolio solutions;

Using inflation plus a risk adjusted return as a benchmark;
Providing portfolio rationalisation and diversification
Exposure to 5 main asset classes Equities, Fixed Interest, Alternative Strategies, Property and Cash;

Available in USD/GBP/EUR for clients with US$50,000 (or currency equivalent) to invest;
With inbuilt liquidity features, and
Low annual management charges.
We are also able to design and develop white-label solutions and additional models for advisors that intend to enter into a partnership arrangement
whereby the portfolio asset allocation for their clients is outsourced to MitonOptimal.
Managed Model Portfolios
Risk Rated Models
Low Risk the lowest risk portfolio option that is available, is designed for investors that are primarily concerned with
MMP preserving capital with the investment objective of achieving growth of CPI +2% in the long term. MMP 1 is a suitable
1 solution for clients wishing to minimise risk.
Current Asset Allocation: 8% Cash; 30% Fixed Interest; 35% Alternative Strategies; 17% Equities; and 10% Property.

Low to Moderate Risk the portfolio has been developed for conservative investors who are seeking risk adjusted long
MMP term returns of CPI +3% . MMP 2 is ideally suited for risk adverse investors and is a useful model for trustees to utilise.
2 Current Asset Allocation: 6% Cash; 25% Fixed Interest; 30% Alternative Strategies; 29% Equities; and 10% Property.

MMP Moderate Risk the portfolio has been built for investors that wish to gain exposure to a broad range of assets targeting
returns of CPI +4%. MMP 3 is appropriate for investors that are looking for a balanced approach to risk management.
Current Asset Allocation: 5% Cash; 20% Fixed Interest; 20% Alternative Strategies; 45% Equities; and 10% Property.

MMP Moderate to High Risk the portfolio has been established for clients with a moderate appetite for risk with a target return
of CPI +5%. MMP 4 is a suitable option for investors that are searching for higher levels of capital growth.
4 Current Asset Allocation: 4% Cash; 13% Fixed Interest; 15% Alternative Strategies; 55% Equities; and 13% Property.

MMP High Risk this portfolio is for risk seeking investors looking to maximise returns at a level of CPI +6%. MMP 5 is our
5 most aggressive strategy with a higher allocation to equities market conditions may have a significant impact on returns.
Current Asset Allocation: 2% Cash; 8% Fixed Interest; 10% Alternative Strategies; 70% Equities; and 10% Property.

In some instances advisors may wish to consider a blend of portfolios, for example allocating a proportion of funds to MMP 1 and MMP 4 could
provide additional wealth planning options for clients with multiple objectives.

The MitonOptimal IMC determines and reviews the asset allocations for each model on a monthly basis.
Full details are available at
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MMP 3 - Moderate Risk
The moderate risk MMP provides investors access to a range of underlying assets via a consolidated portfolio solution, enabling
clients to benefit from our in-house asset allocation expertise across five main asset classes: fixed interest, equities, alternative
strategies and property.

Asset B Asset B
Risk Level Risk Level
Allocation P GBP Allocation P GBP

Fixed Interest 15.00% Japan

Jupiter Dynamic Bond Fund 3 CC Japan Alpha Fund 4

37,500 42,750

M&G Offshore Optimal Income 2 Asia Ex Japan


New Capital Wealthy Nations Bond Fund 3 Alquity Asia Fund 4

37,500 42,750

Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Fund 3

37,500 150,000 Emerging Markets

Alternative Strategies 15.00%

Findlay Park Latin America Fund 4
Aurum Investor Fund 2
60,000 Sector Specific
Henderson Multi-Manager Absolute
Return Fund 60,000 GAM Star Technology Fund 4
Invesco Global Targeted Return
Fund 30,000 150,000 Polar Capital Biotechnology Fund 4
28,750 427,500
Equities 42.75%
Equity Long/Short 10.00%

Global Henderson UK Absolute Return

Fund 50,000
M&G Global Dividend Fund 4 Old MMP
Mutual Global toEquity Absolute
42,750 Note: Relates models managed by MitonOptimal Portfolio Management4(CI) Limited only.
figuresFund 50,000
are for information only and may change from 100,000
time to time. The model asset allocation
Old Mutual Global Equity Fund 4 is intellectual property of the MitonOptimal Group.
42,750 Property 10.00%

United States
MMP 3 - Moderate Risk
The portfolio is designed to target net returns of CPI +4% for long-term investors and has been developed to provide an actively
managed solution that simplifies the asset allocation process for advisors.

Asset Allocation Performance Illustration

Equity Long/Short; 10%7%

Property; 10%

Alt Strategies; 15%

Equities; 43%

Risk Levels
Note: MMP Relates to models managed by MitonOptimal Portfolio
Management (CI) Limited only. All figures are for information only and may
change from time to time. The model asset allocation is intellectual property
of the MitonOptimal Group.
The information contained in this document has been issued by MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (CI) Limited (Company Registration No. 36763),
which is licensed and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission under the Protection of Investors (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 1987
as amended.

The content of this document is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer or invitation to any person. The opinions contained in this
document are subject to change and are not to be interpreted as investment advice. You should consult an adviser who will be able to provide
appropriate advice that is based on your specific needs and circumstances. MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (CI) Limiteds prior written consent
must be obtained before the contents of this document are communicated to any third party.

The information and opinions contained herein have been compiled or arrived at from sources believed to be reliable and given in good faith but no
representation is made as to their accuracy, completeness or correctness. MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (CI) Limited, its directors, officers,
employees and their associates may have an interest in the products, services or service providers referred to herein. The value of investments and
the income from them may vary and you may realise less than the sum invested. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance
and no guarantees are offered in respect of investment returns and/or capital invested.

Tax assumptions may change and you should rely on your own tax adviser when considering your personal circumstances. The funds may have
exposure to securities denominated in currencies other than their functional currency; changes in exchange rates may have an adverse impact upon
the fund performance. The investment may not be suitable for all recipients of this publication.
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