140 Characters: MicroMicroNarrative and New Media

K. A. Laity The College of Saint Rose

He wondered if Mr. Chang could get blood out of cashmere. Then, he laughed. That had always been her department. For once, he needed her advice. Louis Cortina

She shaved her head. Steve's going through chemo, everyone's doing it in support. She did it for fun. No one likes Steve. It looks good. Esther Prokopienko

She said she loved him. He didn't think she'd lie. He never thought she'd shatter his heart. Now it doesn't matter what he thinks; he knows. Lindsey Meyer

She pondered, as she watched the images flash by, was I a gypsy traveler in another life? For her, the road had all the comforts of home. Caitlin Pixley

³Is this enough?´ she began to wonder as she carefully counted out the pills. She may not know, but he would when he came to see her later. Christine Reynolds

After evaluating your reason to cancel this account (³He died last night.´), your request has been denied. Thank You, Facebook Management Eric K. Auld

The tin can echoes. My chute opens and Pop¶s words echo, ³Be careful, son´. We¶re targets. I want to make snow angels on the stained ground. Scott Wheatley

A lesbian is not someone with blue eyes and dark hair. But at 6 years old, you believe anything a big sister says. And you repeat it. Chrissie Curran

yup 140 char. she said 'story' but that's not what ppl use it for. i'm just imagining a rly short pce of flash. gl! Esther Prokopienko

You read "You" on this page. You become the character I wrote. Are you still yours? Isn't it a true story? Joe Parslow

Somewhere in the distant deep, thought began to grow. It came, it went in instant breadth with words begotten flow. Danielle S. Ely

"Daddy told Uncle Jeff that he hates you." Her ever-present little ears heard every word. We make choices. We forget to pay attention. Jennifer Petropol

Sixteen pages into the book, she quits. She walks in the park, eats ice cream, sees a documentary, and gets a B anyway. Kira Brady

My face was half-shaven when Mom called and cancelled our dinner. Now half my neck's red like the ink on this mirror. Eric K. Auld

They shared a kiss at 4AM. By 4PM he told her it was a mistake. She was glad she hadn¶t made the mistake of spending the night. So was he. Lindsay Marchetti

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